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The arcade release of the game, originally released in 1996, included three tracks and eight cars. It featured a full sit-down cabinet with a steering wheel and pedals, and multiple cabinets could be linked together for multiplayer racing.

An updated release in 1997, San Francisco Rush: The Rock: Alcatraz Edition, added four new tracks and four new cars. In 1998, San Francisco Rush: The Rock: Wave Net added online multiplayer support.

Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 port, also released in 1997, included six tracks and some (but not all) cars from The Rock, plus two hidden tracks. Existing courses were also modified with new shortcuts.


The 1998 Playstation release played somewhat differently, due to gravity and handling tweaks, which contributed to its poor reception compared to other versions. In addition, it featured only the three original arcade courses plus one new course, and none of the original arcade music was included. All eight original cars (but none of the cars added in The Rock) were useable.


The Alcatraz Edition of the game also saw release on the PC. However, it was only sold in a bundle with the 3DFX Quantum Obsidian graphics card, and could not be played on any other graphics card until users later modified the game's executable.


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