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Sandal at Kirkwall Hightown
Sandal at Kirkwall Hightown

A character who features in the Dragon Age franchise, voiced in every appearance by Yuri Lowenthal. Sandal travels the lands with his adopted father and merchant, Bodahn Feddic. He was found by Bodahn during an expedition into the Deep Roads and has, since then, been cared for by him. He's defined as 'simple', or a savant by the mages, and is easily distracted by things such as shiny objects. Without supervision it's likely he'll wander off on his own. Though his abilities in enchantment and untrained elemental powers prevents him from coming to harm. Not even from darkspawn.


Dragon Age: Origins

Sandal at the Warden's camp
Sandal at the Warden's camp

Sandal and Bodahn were first encountered by The Warden during Dragon Age: Origins when they were leaving Lothering (only days before Hawke and family left). The Warden, Alistair and Morrigan (plus Sten and Leliana, had they been recruited) saved them from a band of Darkspawn. The two of them began travelling with The Warden's companions, seeing them as the best way to survive the Blight. Bodahn provided a discount for his wares and Sandal enchanted any weapons The Warden would take into battle.

They also travelled to Denerim and Redcliffe during this time, aiding The Warden's army before it battled the darkspawn horde towards the end of the game. The Warden and his party were amazed to find Sandal in Fort Drakon of Denerim surrounded by darkspawn corpses. How they had been defeated was a mystery.

Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt (DLC)

Sandal is seen next over two years later during the Witch Hunt DLC in which The Warden searches for Morrigan. Sandal is staying with the Ferelden Circle of Magi while his enchanting ability is studied (Bodahn was away trading at the time).

Dragon Age II

Not Enchantment!
Not Enchantment!

In Dragon Age II, Bodahn decided to apply his trade next in Kirkwall, taking Sandal with him. This is where they first meet Hawke, who has spent a year working for a mercenary or smuggler group. They are part of the expedition into the Deep Roads to find riches in an ancient Thaig. At one point Sandal wanders off only to be found surrounded once again by darkspawn corpses, including an ogre who has been turned into solid stone, a feat to which Sandal happily states, "not enchantment!"

Bodahn appoints himself as Hawke's manservent in the years that Hawke lives in his family's estate (after Hawke having "saved" Sandal), bought with money from the previous Deep Roads expedition. Sandal at one point states a desire to go back home, to which Bodahn promises that they will return to Ferelden one day (despite hinting to Hawke during another conversation that Orlais may be their next destination).

Sandal's Secret Prophecy

Not being known for a character who says many words, Sandal provides a mysterious prophecy regarding the future in the Hawke estate during Dragon Age II.

Sandal"One day the magic will come back, all of it. Everyone will be just like they were. The shadows will part, and the skies will open wide."
Bodahn"Huh?! What's this?"
Sandal"When he rises, everyone will see."
Bodahn"By the ancestors what's gotten into you, my boy?"
Bodahn"That's more like it."

Whether this is referring to Dragon Age's "The Maker" is unknown, but it is on the same wavelength as Flemeth and Morrigan, who have both predicted big changes for the Dragon Age universe once the Mage revolution begins.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

In the novel Dragon Age Asunder, great changes in the Dragon Age world began, as Morrigan, Flemeth and Sandal predicted. The mage revolution took Thedas by storm, with the Seekers of Truth ending their alliance with The Chantry.

At E3 2013, the first Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer was released, with Morrigan narrating how the world had fallen into chaos with The Chantry's loss of control on society.

As Sandal predicted, the skies parted (the veil tearing apart) in the trailer and demons were able to walk the lands freely without the possession of mages. Sandal has yet to be confirmed as a returning character.


  • Hello!
  • Enchantment?
  • Enchantment!
  • Not Enchantment!
  • Boom!
  • You like the shiny?
  • It's very shiny.
  • I want some pie.
  • I like Bodahn!
  • Can I have some salamanders please?

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