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    The Sandvich is an edible device used by the Heavy class in Valve's Team Fortress 2. Players unlock this device by completing achievements, crafting or a random drop.

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    The Sandvich is an unlockable item for the Heavy class in Team Fortress 2. Using the meal with a taunt or left click will fully heal the Heavy over four seconds, however during the time required for the Heavy to eat the Sandvich, the character is completely vulnerable, drawing enemies with his loud sounds of vigorous chewing.  If an enemy kills the Heavy during the animation, the Sandvich is dropped and can be picked up by the enemy for a small health gain. After eating the Sandvich, there is a 30 second cooldown before you can use the Sandvich again.
    Alternatively, the Heavy can toss his food on a plate onto the floor with a right click. This acts as a medium medpack, giving 1/2 hp to anyone who walks over it. When he does this the Heavy completely loses access to his precious Sandvich until he runs over a normal healing item when he is at full health.


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