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    Sandy Petersen

    Person » credited in 25 games

    Sandy Petersen is a game designer of Doom, Quake and Age of Empires.

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    Carl Sanford Joslyn Petersen is a game designer. He has been with Microprose, id Software and Ensemble Studios.

    Some of the games he designed include Darklands, the RTS series Age of Empires, and FPS games such as Wolfenstein 3D, the Doom series, Hexen, and Quake.

    He was also a writer for RPG magazine Dragon, where he reviewed games in various genres, including computer RPG's, console RPG's, adventure games, and FPS games.

    He currently runs his own video game company, Green Eye Games.

    Doom Maps designed by Peterson

    Collaborators in parentheses.


    • E1M8 - Phobos Anomaly ( Tom Hall)
    • E2M1 - Deimos Anomaly (Hall)
    • E2M2 - Containment Area (Hall)
    • E2M3 - Refinery (Hall)
    • E2M4 - Deimos Lab (Hall)
    • E2M5 - Command Center
    • E2M6 - Halls of the Damned
    • E2M7 - Spawning Vats (Hall)
    • E2M8 - Tower of Babel
    • E2M9 - Fortress of Mystery
    • E3M1 - Hell Keep
    • E3M2 - Slough of Despair
    • E3M3 - Pandemonium (Hall)
    • E3M4 - House of Pain
    • E3M5 - Unholy Cathedral
    • E3M6 - Mt. Erebus
    • E3M7 - Limbo (Hall)
    • E3M8 - Dis
    • E3M9 - Warrens

    Doom II

    • M01 - Entryway
    • M07 - Dead Simple ( American McGee)
    • M08 - Tricks and Traps
    • M09 - The Pit
    • M10 - Refueling Base (Hall)
    • M12 - The Factory
    • M13 - Downtown
    • M16 - Suburbs
    • M18 - The Courtyard
    • M19 - The Citadel
    • M21 - Nirvana
    • M23 - Barrels o' Fun
    • M24 - The Chasm
    • M27 - Monster Condo
    • M28 - The Spirit World
    • M30 - Icon of Sin
    • M31 - Wolfenstein
    • M32 - Grosse

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