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Sango, of Inuyasha, is the last remaining Demon Slayer of a long tradition after demon hordes slaughtered her people. Her undead brother Kohaku, brainwashed by Naraku, stands at the side of her enemy and it is her ultimate goal to free him - even at the cost of her own life.

Joining up with Inuyasha, Sango becomes fast friends with Kagome and together they seek to put an end to Naraku`s vile reign.

Sango`s weapon of choice is her demon-bone boomerang, Hiraikotsu. Using Hiraikotsu as a projectile weapon, melee weapon, and shield, Sango seeks confrontation rather than shying away from battle. With her loyal companion Kirara, Sango takes to the skies when needed.


  • Inuyasha - This half demon, while an unlikely ally, sees in Sango his own warrior`s spirit. Loyal protector, Inuyasha will go to any length to ensure the safety of his friend and comrade in arms.
  • Kagome - Best friend to Sango, Kagome is the only girl the demon slayer can confide in. Strange in manner and tradition compared to Sango`s traditional upbringing, Kagome is the shining light in Sango`s dark world.
  • Kirara - This Fire-Cat demon acts as pet and flying mount. Able to transform from the size of a regular house cat to that of a small horse, Kirara guards her mistress with fierce loyalty.
  • Koga - Wary ally, Sango tolerates Koga`s presence for Kagome`s sake
  • Miroku - Love interest for the lonely demon slayer, Miroku is a monk with a curse and a shortened life. Enjoying the more earthly pleasures, he is a hopeless flirt, making it hard for Sango to express her feelings.
  • Shippo - Orphaned fox demon child Shippo is a friend and protector to Sango.


  • Naraku - Responsible for the death of Sango`s people, Naraku holds her brother in his thrall. Vowing revenge, Sango seeks to destroy the vile creature who destroyed everything she held dear.
  • Sesshoumaru - Half brother to Sango`s leader, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru is a full demon who looks down upon humanity. Not seeing humans as worthy of attention, Sango refrains from bringing his attention to herself while supporting the efforts of her leader.

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