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Sarah Fisher as an adult
Sarah Fisher as an adult

Sarah was born on an American Air Force Base in Germany on June 16, 1985. In 1989, her mother died from ovarian cancer when Sarah was four years old. Throughout her childhood, Sarah encountered many tough times with her father, especially when he went on his missions. She was not always aware what kind of work her father did, but she knew it was government-related. During the events of the first Splinter Cell novel, she was made aware of his true role in Third Echelon, and this helped her to understand that it wasn't Sam's fault that he was always away. In June 2003, she graduated from Towson High School. In 2008, she was killed by a drunk driver while her father was away on a mission in Iceland. Sam was devastated by her death, and went into a deep depression, even picking fights in the street. He took his mission in Double Agent because he had nothing left to lose.

She was buried in the Elysian Fields Cemetery in Washington D.C.

In Splinter Cell: Essentials, Sam Fisher visits her grave on the anniversary of her death, and was captured by federal agents waiting for him to show up at the site.

Sarah's appearance in the Double agent.

Sarah does "appear" in the last-gen version of Double Agent. In the second training level, she appears as a hostage that Sam must rescue. The female training level instructor noticed that Sam seemed to be stressed when he saw the hostage and asked him if he was alright.

Sarah Fisher in Splinter Cell Conviction

Sarah Fisher as a child.
Sarah Fisher as a child.

The plot of Splinter Cell: Conviction revolves around Sarah; after Sam discovers that her death was intentional, not an accident, he goes rogue, fighting anyone who gets in his way on his quest to find the truth, even the Third Echelon agents who used to be his friends and comrades. Sarah appears in Conviction in a flashback to when she was a young girl; after she tells him about her fear of the dark, Sam explains his philosophy about how hiding in the dark means he can see "monsters" without them seeing him. Immediately after this, Sam puts these words into practice when petty thieves break into the house, and he must protect his daughter by taking them down. It is later discovered in Splinter Cell: Conviction that her death was a fake.

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