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Sarah Lyons is a member of the Capital Wastelands contingent of the Brotherhood of Steel, of whom her father Elder Owyn Lyons is the leader. She is notable for being the commander of the Lyons' Pride, an elite unit among the Brotherhood of Steel.

Before the events of Fallout 3, She originally relocated from the Brotherhood of Steel's Lost Hill base with her father when she was only a young child; Alongside Scribe Reginald Rothchild and a small group of Brotherhood of Steel soldiers they ventured to Washington D.C. It was here that the Brotherhood were to establish themselves amidst reports that there was much to be gleaned from the land technologically, it was also a hotbed of Super Mutant activity.

It was not long before the Brotherhood began a prolonged campaign against the Super Mutants in a bid to drive them out of down-town D.C. where they had continued to gather in large numbers. The Brotherhood established their base of operations known as The Citadel amongst the ruins of The Pentagon in order to create a foothold in the area.

During the events of Fallout 3 Sarah Lyons is known as one of the Brotherhood's more ferocious and skilled members and as such holds the prestigious rank of Sentinel, it is one no other has had the distinction of being awarded.

In their quest to find the radio DJ Three Dog, The Vault 101 Dweller can encounter Lyons and the rest of her squad engaging in a skirmish against a group of Super Mutants during the quest "Following in his Footsteps". It is here that the Galaxy News Radio building is under attack by the invading Super Mutants alongside a Super Mutant Behemoth that ambushes the squad. The Lyons Pride are eventually victorious.

During the final events of the storyline "Take it Back!" she again aids the Vault 101 Dweller, this time in leading the charge alongside Liberty Prime in reclaiming the Water Purifier. Once the Jefferson Memorial has been successfully taken, the player will be able to reactivate the water purifier but doing so will cause their death due to the lethal doses of radiation that is present, Sarah Lyons will also willingly sacrifice herself as another potential scenario.

After the events of the main game she can again be encountered in DLC content, that is if she has survived. However in Broken Steel she is in an unconscious state following the attack on the water purifier, once the main quest is completed however she regains her health and can be encountered once more within the Citadel. 

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