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    Sarevok Anchev is a major antagonist and a powerful warrior from the Baldur's Gate series

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    When asked about his past, SAREVOK has little to add beyond what you already know. He grew up a homeless urchin in the streets until he was adopted by his foster father into the Iron Throne. He studied the art of intimidation, the cruelest and most brutal styles of combat, in order to become a Deathbringer that could paralyze an opponent in melee through fear well as sometimes killing the most powerful of opponents in a single, massive blow. Sarevok had an ambition that did not die even when his body you well know, now. Sarevok keeps mostly to himself, but at odd moments you can see him staring in your direction, his face an emotionless mask. Part of you wonders if your brutal half-brother ponders what might have been...

    - Character Biography, Throne of Bhaal

    Appearances in the series

    Spoiler Warning!

    Sarevok first appears in the opening cinematic of Baldur´s Gate, where he confronts an armored man on a roof, takes a choke hold on him and then throws him from the roof to be smashed against the cobblestones below. Sarevok looks down upon the body, eyes glowing, and the blood from the body flows around the game's logo. The man he kills is presumably another Bhaalspawn.
    Sarevok is the main villain in Baldur's Gate, but the protagonist does not know his identity for quite a while. He appears briefly in BGII: Shadows of Amn, as a wrathful ghost that challenges you in hell, and in BG II: Throne of Bhaal, he is resurrected with the aid of Imoen or yourself, and can be recruited into your party as a powerful warrior.

    Powers and abilities

    In Throne of Bhaal, Sarevok is a Deathbringer, a warrior with special abilities. He can paralyze his opponents by merely gazing at them, and there is a 3% chance that any blow he strikes is a Deathbringer Assault, inflicting up to 200 points of damage on his target.
    In Baldur's Gate, Sarevok sported a massive set of spiked armor, and wielded a powerful twohanded sword. Both sword and armor were powered by his Bhaalspawn essence, but when he was killed in Baldur's Gate, the armor faded away with him. His sword can be retrieved in the starting dungeon in Shadows of Amn, and was evidently kept as a trophy by the protagonist, but the sword, too, has lost much of the power that it once had.
    Sarevok's one characteristic visual trait is eyes that glow with a golden sheen. Judging by his portrait in Throne of Bhaal, he kept that glow after resurrection, even though he lost the divine essence that once fueled it.


    Sarevok has by far the most impressive stats of all the npcs; even the protagonist  is usually hard pressed to match him:

    Strength: 18/00
    Dexterity: 17
    Constitution 18
    Intelligence 17
    Wisdom 10
    Charisma 15

    Nice to know...

    When Sarevok initially joins the party, his alignment is Chaotic Evil, but through dialogues with the protagonist he can be changed to a Chaotic Good outlook. This change will not only affect his response to the party's reputation, but will also change his dialogues with the rest of the party as well as his reactions to situations the party encounters. The dialogues with the protagonist are triggered at random, and will only appear if Sarevok is not forced to swear a geas when he first joins the party.
    David Gaider´s Ascension mod changes the dialogue trigger from random to set events that take place at certain points of the game.

    It is possible to dual class Sarevok into a mage or a thief, but considering his very high starting fighter level, dual classing him is of dubious value.

    Sarevok's voice is provided by Kevin Michael Richardson.

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