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    Sasha, a woman with the ability to control minds and the Reaper gang in the Neon District through a tar-like substance who later supplies Cole with Evil side missions.

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    Sasha is one of the villains in inFamous who controls the Reapers. She has been stated to have had powers before the Ray Sphere incident, a member of the First Sons and partner to John White on several occasions. Her main base of operations is the Neon District. Sasha's ability to produce a black tar that, if coming in contact with a persons body, acts like a mind control agent. Cole MacGrath is affected differently from other people when coming in contact with the tar, along with the usual hallucinations, it also causes him to lose some of his ability to retain electricity and in a gameplay sense, this means some of his battery cores are unusable. 

    Side Missions 

    During Evil Missions later in the game, the Warren and the Historic District, Sasha is the distributor of Cole's Evil missions and starts with freeing Reaper conduits imprisoned in the Eagle Point Penitentiary. She assigns Reaper conduits to your aid in the later missions, one such case is sending you to assault the other groups trying to protest around the city as well as the remaining police force that are guarding them. Another mission type is turning a valve which will spray her mind controlling tars on the pedestrians in locked cages, turning them under Sasha's control. As you continue to complete these missions, Sasha becomes more faithful of Cole, and after having completed all 15 evil missions, she remarks "You are a man truly worthy of my love."

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