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    Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy

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    A recurring location in the earlier installments of the Persona series. The titular pharmacist, Satomi Tadashi, is named after the real-life writer, who worked on various games in the Megami Tensei franchise.

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    Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy first appeared in the original Megami Ibunkuro Persona/Revelations: Persona. The store is well known for its infectious jingle. One character in particular, Kei Nanjo, is utterly incapable of resisting the catchy tune, and often finds himself fighting the urge to sing along. The Pharmacist's son, Tadashi, attends St. Hermelin High School along with the protagonists.

    Persona 2: Innocent Sin/Eternal Punishment

    Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy returns in the Persona 2 duology, now operated by septuplet sisters in various locations around Sumaru City. Each store features a different remix of the classic jingle. If the player brings Nanjo into one of the stores, he will profess the same susceptibility to the Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy jingle as he did in his youth.

    • Rengedai: The Rengedai branch features the original version of the song.
    • Hirasaka: An enka variation of the jingle plays in the background of Hirasakas branch.
    • Yumezaki: The Yumezaki branch is home to a rap remix version of the original song.
    • Aoba: A smooth jazz variation plays in the Aoba branch.
    • Konan: An acoustic guitar variation plays in the background of the Konan branch.

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