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    Savage Moon

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Jan 29, 2009

    Savage Moon is a tower defense game in which the player is tasked to protect a mining facility on a distant moon from the onslaught of an insectoid alien race.

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    Savage Moon is played on a series of Imoons which are moons with valuable minerals and a defense mechanism of creating Insectocytes to destroy anything that threatens its resources.  Each map has a set of spawn areas for the different types of enemies (some for ground enemies, some for air) as well as a mining outpost which you are charged with defending.  Every kill earns you money and between rounds you are given more drop-pods.  Every tower must be created with a certain amount of money and a single drop-pod (so use drop-pods wisely as they cannot be bought).  Each tower has a menu where you can upgrade it (increasing damage, range, armor, etc), view a camera from its point of view, or sell it.  There are a number of things that must be researched for using money, including each tower type (except machine gun) and the ability to upgrade to levels 3 & 4.  Also under your control is your economy during the game, you can choose to make more money, do more damage, or have better armor for all of your towers.  You can choose any combination of these but the unselected ones will go down as a result.  You can have none selected as a balanced economy or have one or two selected.


    Note: This is not a full list of towers yet.
    • Machine Gun Tower - A tower with machine guns that can fire at both land and air enemies.
    • Mortar Tower - A tower with long range mortar shells with splash damage against ground enemies.
    • Anti-air Tower - A tower with a medium range defense against airborne enemies.
    • Orbital Bombardment - effective against large swarms of airborne enemies.
    • ???
    • Chaos Tower - A tower that slows down all enemies in its range.
    • Mine Tower - A tower that fires mines into places that are not currently occupied by Insectocytes
    • Laser Tower - A tower that fires a sustained laser at enemies dealing a large amount of damage against a single target.  This tower needs to recharge between targets.
    • Blocking Tower - A cheap tower that can be places on lower terrain to force enemies onto a different path.  These can be attacked and destroyed just as much as other towers on the ground.  Another tower can be placed on top of a blocking tower.
    • ???
    • Repair Tower - A tower that can repair surrounding damaged towers.
    • Amp Tower - A tower that significantly increases the range and damage of towers in its range.  It does not effect Orbital, Chaos, and Mine towers.


    Note: This is not a full list of enemies yet.
    • Swarmer - Generic enemy that attacks most often in large groups.  This unit doesn't have any attack power.
    • Soldier - Basic enemy attack unit that will attack any tower that crosses its path.
    • Flyer - Basic flying enemy that does not attack.
    • Gargantuan - Huge heavily armored slow moving enemy that is devastating to towers it comes across.
    • Sting - A flying creature with ranged attacks.
    • Slicer - A worm-like enemy that attacks any tower in its path.
    • Flying Queen - Massive flying Insectocyte with a lot of health.
    • Womb - A large walking creature that carries a number of Insectocytes inside it.  Once destroyed the inner creatures come out.
    • Tank - A medium armored enemy that has evolved to have a ranged firing mechanism.
    • Sprinter - A fast and well armored enemy.
    • ???
    • ???

    Expansion Pack

    Titled "Waldgeist Expansion", available on selected PSN Stores comes with trophies, revamps and new gameplay features:
    • 6 new levels that bring a riot of new colours and environments into the game.
    • 2 new evolutions of the Insectocytes; the aptly named Death Blossom – a frightening new adaptation that when it reaches a concentration of towers, explodes launching a payload of deadly guided missiles in a single barrage of devastation to all within it’s range. There is also the ‘Invisibugs’ adaptation; a new photochromatic skin pigment in some Insectocytes that render them invisible to normal attack towers.
    • 2 new tower types; fortunately the human techies have also been busy. They have developed a counter to the ‘Invisibugs’ in the form of a sensor tower that allows all other towers within it’s range to target them. They have also developed the Arclight tower which is our personal favourite, a lightning-firing attack tower that zaps Insectocytes en masse!
    • 12 new versions of the existing levels; In the expansion you can re-play Agamemnon to Lotan all-over with different waves and bugs that the normal versions.
    • Vengeance Mode; All combined, there is now more vengeance than Dirty Harry in Waldgeist. There are vengeance modes for the 6 new levels AND for the 12 new Waldgeist variations of Agamemnon to Lotan AND for the training mode version of all of the above.
    • 7 New Trophies; Yes indeed! A whole host of new challenges for Commanders to show their superior grasp of tactics, examples of which are; the Insectocyte Juggler Award (keep an Insectocyte alive for 5 minutes) and the Luddite Trophy (complete any 5 levels using only Machine Gun Towers and without any damage to the base)
    • New Music; Thanks to Parasite, our sound producer and musician, we also have new music in the new levels AND bonus hidden remix tracks that unlock including exclusive tracks by Subliminal System, Monk3ylogic and of course, Parasite.

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