Savage Warriors

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    Savage Warriors is a DOS fighting game.

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    Savage Warriors is a fighting game developed by Atreid Concept SA and published by Mindscape, Inc for the PC. Savage Warriors supports five different languages. Savage Warriors also supports two players. Savage Warriors came on both 3 1/2 inch floppy disk and an enhanced CD-ROM.


    A mysterious man called The Master has taken the ten greatest warriors throughout time and transported them all to fight in a tournament. To win, one combatant must defeat all nine of the others. Once all nine others have fallen the combatant then gets a chance to fight The Master.


    Savage Warriors is a 2-D fighter that uses 3D characters. The fighting is played much like other 2-D fighting games with the stand out feature being the player can grasp onto various items in the environment and hang from them. The characters in Savage Warriors start off with a weapon. The weapons can be knocked out of a players hands, but can also be picked back up again.

    There is no real story mode to speak of in Savage Warriors. The player chooses a character and then fights through the other characters until finally facing off with the final boss.

    Playable characters

    There are 10 default playable characters and 5 unlockable ones. The different playable characters are supposed to represent people from different time periods.

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