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play the music

The player controls Savant, a Norwegian electronic musician, who's kicked out of his chamber from a malicious orb. So Savant climbs up his tower, fight a never ending series of robots. Along the way he collects CD in order to unlock new abilities. Until he reaches the final confrontation with his arch enemy persona Vario.



Savant can shoot missiles in 360 directions. He can leap between two pedistal, and dodge with a jump. Robots name Fodders will take up little shots, but then a heavily armored golden fodders will drop 1/4th of a CD. Use the grappling hook to recover the CD and when you have collected a whole CD you gain new powers.


Kali 47

Album - Cult

Ability: Power Trip

"each Enemy you defeat adds to your Charge Meter allowing for a powerful burst attack."


Album - Ism

Ability: Savantism

"Unlocks this soundtrack splits your first attack into 5 effective missles"

Bach to the Phuture

Album - Ninur

Ability: Premonition

"Unlocking this soundtrack has given you the power to anticipate when an enemy appears. When an enemy shows up, the screen will flash"


Album - Cult

Ability: Metamorphose

"Unlocking this soundtrack raises your Charge Meter to 5 Bars. When fully charged. your normal missles deal double damage."

these last 2 CD can be achieved after 4-5 minutes of survial mode

Melody Circus

Album - Alchemist

Ability: Trapeze Shuffle

"Unlocking this soundtrack will boost the Charge Meter by dodging. Every dodge perform will add power to the Charge Meter, aswell as increasing the speed of dodges until an attack is performed."


Album - Orakel

Ability: One Collective

"Unlocking this soundtrack will let you use your chains to grab enemies. When your charge meter is full, keep spinning using Trapeze Shuffle to Charge up the Attack. When fully charged, keep spinning and Aim towards an enemy while pressing the mouse button."

A meter to charge up your shots, detection of your enemies, higher meters to charge up your shots, and splitting shots into 1-5 spread of shots.


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Fodders - simple enemies take less then 3 missiles, will circle around the stage until they spin and charge towards your last location.

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Golden Fodder - normally protected inside 4 Fodders, or randomly appear on the map. Will take more missiles then other enemies, and mostly provide a distraction from other enemies. They will drop quarters of CD

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Ironcopters - when appear they will stay in one point, slowly come to you and then zigzag around the stage.

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Bluebladers - similar to ironcopters but have a arch and flow to their attacks. They will spin in one spot until they gained enough momentum to push at you.

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Wyrms - most difficult enemy in the game. Larger enemy who charges at you, cannot dodge or jump to avoid it. So you use the charge shot to push them away only to come at you later. Little pieces of it's body will fall out to tell you it's slowly dying.

final boss
final boss

the Orb - it will send out Wryms, and then by the end summon Vario to come and distract you as close to being destroyed.

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Vario - A persona of Savant, very distracting. Can summon a box that charges at you.


  • Story Mode
  • Time Attack
  • Endless Mode
  • Vario mode - play as vario, different gameplay design, closer range.


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  1. Intro Song
  2. Fat Cat Shuffle
  3. Kali47
  4. ISM
  5. Bach to the Phuture
  6. Butterfly
  7. Vario
  8. Melody Circus
  9. Normal End
  10. Vario End


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