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    SC Pistol

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    Sam Fisher's standard sidearm in the Splinter Cell series. Also known as the Five-seveN.

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    The 5-7 SC Pistol is a tactical, semi-automatic, single action pistol that fires 5.72 x 20mm SS109 rounds. Each magazine has a capacity of 20 rounds and it comes equipped with a silencer / flash suppressor for use in covert operations. It is the standard side arm of Sam Fisher and has featured in every Splinter Cell game so far.

    The weapon is based on the real-world Belgian made FN Five-seveN. It's ammunition (5.72 x 20mm) was created by Fabrique Nationale de Herstal (FN) and the SS109 FMJ rounds specified for the SC Pistol are armour piercing. In comparison to a standard 9mm round there are a number of advantages, the first being weight (coming in at less than half that of a 9mm round) and as a result, less recoil and an overall lighter weapon having a larger capacity than a standard pistol.

    Left: SC-Pistol (Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory); Right: FN Five seveN Tactical
    Left: SC-Pistol (Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory); Right: FN Five seveN Tactical

    In the Splinter Cell series the SC Pisol has seen changes that alter or expand its capabilities, much like how the SC-20K became increasingly versatile with different instalments in the franchise. Additionally, the model of Five-SeveN has changed as the series has progressed.

    Splinter Cell

    In the first Splinter Cell the SC Pistol had no attachments other than the standard silencer / flash suppressor.

    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow

    Pandora Tomorrow sees the addition of a Laser Aiming Module (LAM). The laser showed the exact location of where a bullet will strike, while not stationary it meant you could guarantee a headshot from a considerable distance, with the only consideration being where the laser was pointing. The downside to the increased accuracy is that enemy AI will become aware of the laser if it were pointed close to them and in their field of vision. While perhaps causing a hindrance to shooting a target, it provided a great means to lure enemies to your location, giving you an opportunity to grab them for interrogation, knock them unconscious or simply take an easier shot.

    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

    While clearly based on the FiveFor the first time it was acknowledged that the SC Pistol was indeed a modified Five seveN, where the manual includes its full title, the "5-7 SC Pistol". The laser attatchment was removed in Chaos Theory to make way for an Optically Channelled Potentiator (OCP). This device could be used to disable elecronic devices for a short period of time. Essentially the role of the "Camera Jammer" from the two games previous had been consolidated into an attatchment for Sam Fisher's side arm, only now it could turn out lights and other electronic equipment which becomes useful as Chaos Theory's campaign progresses. The OCP needs charging after each shot, indicated by a charging bar on-screen; when an affectable target has been hit a green light will emit from the attachment to let the player know that elecronic electronic device is temporarily disabled. A red light indicates that no affectable target was hit.

    Splinter Cell: Double Agent & Essentials

    No changes were made to the SC Pistol in Double Agent or Essentials.

    Splinter Cell: Conviction

    The SC-Pistol is referred to only as the Five-SeveN USG, which is a real-world, US Government issue version of the gun. Unlike in reality, the gun is equipped with an integrated sound suppressor. It can be upgraded with a Laser Sight that improves aim assist, a Reflex Sight, and Match Rounds that increase effective range.


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