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The Scarlet Monastery

The Scarlet Monastery is one of four Scarlet strongholds throughout the land. The Scarlet Monastery consists of four wings,  all having a different difficulty setting. We have the Graveyard, which is the easiest instance, located to the far left as you enter the instance. We then have the Library which is located to the far right. Next in difficulty comes the Armory, which is located in the middle to the right. To enter this instance you need a key from the Library. The hardest of the four instances is the Cathedral. it is located in the middle to the left. You will need the same key as you need for the Armory to enter this instance. Even though the level range is 33-40 for Scarlet Monastery, a group of five level 33's might have a tough time in the Cathedral.


The Graveyard

  • Interrogator Vishas
    Interrogator James Vishas is a ruthless sadist interrogator who resides in the Scarlet Monastery. He can immolate a player with his melee attacks and cast Shadow Word: Pain. He can drop one of two rare-quality items: A one-handed dagger or a fist weapon.
  • Fallen Champion (Rare)
    The Fallen Champion is a killed Scarlet Champion who has been raised by the Lich King. As an undead they cannot use their Holy powers, so they rely on their melee fighting skills, much like a warriors. The Fallen Champion is a rare spawn. He can drop one of three rare-quality items : A two handed sword, a cloth hood or a pair of leather gloves.
  • Azshir the Sleepless (Rare)
    Azshir the Sleepless is another rare spawn. Nothing too special about him, kill him and he drops one of three rare-quality items : A pair of cloth pants, a necklace or a wand.
  • Ironspine (Rare)
    Ironspine is another rare-spawn of the Graveyard. He's just a larger, meaner skeleton that can drop one of three rare-quality items: A ring, a one-handed mace or a mail chest piece.
  • Bloodmage Thalnos
    Bloodmage Thalnos is the last boss of the Graveyard. His title might indicate that he was a blood elf magician before he died. He has two magical abilities: A shadow bolt and a AoE Flame Spike which causes fire damage to all that are inside of it. When he dies, he drops one of two rare-quality items : An off-hand and some cloth shoulder pads.

The Library

  • Houndsmaster Loksey
    Houndsmaster Loksey is one of the four leaders of the Scarlet Monastery. When the encounter begins, he is accompanied by three hyenas that can be crowd controlled by anything that can affect beasts. When he is slain he can drop one of three rare-quality items: A staff, a pair of leather gloves or a pretty unique item, The Dog Whistle, which will on use summon a hyena to accompany you and kill your enemies.
  • Arcanist Doan
    Arcanist Doan is the last boss of the Library. He can do a mass silence, A massive AoE spell called Detonate, a shield which makes him completely invulnerable called Arcane Bubble. He can also do the rather simple mage spells Arcane Missles and Polymorph. He is a pretty easy fight but at 50% health he will cast Arcane Bubble on himself and use the Detonate spell. This makes big damage to your whole group and should be avoided at all costs. One tactic is to tank him close to the door where you enter his room, and when he begins casting you move out of the room and line of sight. When he has finished the spell you run back in and continue the fight. He can drop one of five items, four being rare-quality and one being epic: A dagger, a staff, some cloth shoulder pads, a cloth robe or an epic ring. After killing Doan you can also access his lockbox in the back of the room. This contains the Scarlet Key which gives you entrance to the two last instances: The Armory and the Cathedral.

The Armory

  • Herod
    The Armory only has one boss and that is Herod. Herod was once upon a time a Bully of Southshore, but nowadays he is one of the four leaders of the Scarlet Monastery, as he is their Champion. He does a charge on the person who gets aggro first, and he has quite impressive melee damage. When he begins to lose larger amounts of health he will begin whirlwinding, dealing melee damage and rendering him invulnerable to spells. Once Herod is dead a lot of Scarlet Trainees will spawn.These have very low health and should be easy to finish off with some AoE spells. Herod can drop one of four rare quality items: A mail shoulder, a pair of mail pants, a two-handed axe or a mail helmet.

The Cathedral

  • High Inquisitor Fairbanks
    High Inquisitor Fairbanks is an undead who was once killed and discarded in a secret Cathedral room. He is accessible by pulling on a torch in the right-hand side of the Cathedral. He can drop one of three un-common quality items: A pair of leather bracers, a pair of mail boots or some cloth shoulder pads. If you enter the Monastery with the Corrupted Ashbringer targeted, it will trigger an event with Fairbanks.
  • High Inquisitor Whitemane & Scarlet Commander Mograine
    The fight will begin with Scarlet Commander Mograine alone (Unless if you left any Scarlets alive in the Cathedral. If you did, these will aggro in the beginning of the fight, making it quite much more harder). He has three abilities, these being Hammer of Justice, Crusader Strike and Divine Shield. He also has the Retribution Aura activated. Once when he has been killed, the High Inquisitor will enter the battle. She will eventually sleep the entire group, resurrecting Mograine at full health. This begins the last phase of the encounter: Fighting both the High Inquisitor and Mograine.  Whitemane can do a Smite, Power Word: Shield and Mind Control. She can also heal. She should be dealt with firstly as she is the one that keeps them alive, and once she has been dealt with the group should focus on Mograine, who will use Divine Shield when he gets low on health, and will be invulnerable for some seconds. If you manage to slay these two, you will get one item from High Inquisitor Whitemanes table and one from Scarlet Commander Mograines table. Whitemane can drop one of three rare-quality items: A main-hand mace, a necklace or a cloth hat. Mograine can drop a two-handed mace, a shield, some mail gloves or some mail pants.


Alliance Quests

  • Mythology of the Titans
    Librarian Mae Paledust of Ironforge wants you to go into the Library wing of the Scarlet Monastery to find the Mythology of the Titans, A book. If you finish this, you will receive around 3550 experience, 500 reputation with Ironforge and an uncommon quality necklace.
  • In The Name of the Light
    After a long chain of quests starting in the cellar of the Cathedral of Stormwind, you finally get the mission to kill Houndsmaster Loksey, Herod, High Inquisitor Whitemane and the Scarlet Commander Mograine by Raleigh the Devout in Southshore. If you finish this, you will receive a choice between four rare-quality rewards : A one-handed sword, a two-handed axe, a dagger or an offhand. In addition you will receive about 6550 experience and 500 reputation with Stormwind.

Horde Quests

  • Hearts of Zeal
    Master Apothecary Faranell wants you to retrieve 20 hearts from the fallen crusaders of the Scarlet Monastery. A pretty gnarly job, I must say, but if you complete it you will be rewarded with about 3300 experience and 350 reputation with Undercity.
  • Vorrel's Revenge
    The tortured Vorrel Sengutz wants you to fulfill his last wish. The Interrogator that brought him to this state has a wife, and Vorrel wants her dead. Why? Because the Interrogator gave her Vorrels wedding ring. Kill the wife, and the interrogators Grandfather, bring the ring back to Vorrels wife, and be received with either an uncommon-quality pair of shoulder pads or a cape. You will also receive a pair of leather boots. You will also receive about 3300 experience and 350 Undercity reputation.
  • Test of Lore
    After a long quest chain you will be sent into the Scarlet Monastery library to find the book Beginnings of the Undead Threat for Parqual Fintallas in Undercity. You will receive about 2100 experience for doing this. There will be two more quests after this one before you finish the entire quest chain.
  • Compendium of the Fallen
    The loyalty of the Forsaken has come into question and Sage Truthseeker of Thunder Bluff wants you to find the Compendium of the Fallen from the Scarlet Monastery library. Finishing this quest will give you a choice of one of three uncommon quality items : A shield, another shield or an offhand. It will also reward you with about 5850 experience and 500 Thunder  Bluff reputation.
  • Into The Scarlet Monastery
    Varimathras of the Undercity wants you to lay waste to the Scarlet Crusade of Tirisfal Glades. Kill High Inquisitor Whitemane, Scarlet Commander Mograine, Herod and Houndsmaster Loksey before returning, and you will be rewarded with about 7200 experience, 500 Undercity reputation and a choice between three rare-quality items: A one-handed sword, an offhand cane or a necklace.

Mage Quest

  • Rituals of Power
    Tabetha wants to create your wand, but Magus Tirth has the book to do so. Or has he? He claims that he hasn't, and that the book is currently in the possession of the Scarlet Crusaders of the Scarlet Monastery. Venture into the Library wing and bring the book Rituals of Power back to Tabeta to be rewarded with 341-3150 experience and a follow-up quest to receive your wand.

Notes about the Scarlet Monastery

Chain of the Scarlet Crusade

The Scarlet Monastery has its own item set, much like the Deadmines and the Wailing Caverns. It's a five-part set, but it consists entirely of mail.
  • Scarlet Belt:
    World drop in the instance.
  • Scarlet Boots:
    World drop in the instance.
  • Scarlet Chestpiece:
    World drop in the instance.
  • Scarlet Leggings:
    Drops from either Scarlet Commander Mograine or Herod.
  • Scarlet Gauntlets:
    World drop in the instance.
  • Scarlet Wristguards:
    World drop in the instance.

If you want to make a full set looking like a fully-equipped Scarlet, then getting the helmet (Raging Berserkers Helm) and shoulder (Herod's Shoulder) from Herod is a tip. The trainees that storm Herods room after he has been slain can also drop a Scarlet Crusade tabard, fitting nicely with the armor. Scarlet Commander Mograine can also drop a shield which has the Scarlet colors, fitting nicely to the armor.

The Ashbringer and the Death of Mograine

If you enter this instance with the corrupted Ashbringer equipped, it will make all the mobs bow before you. Another fact about when bringing the corrupted Ashbringer is that you will realize that the quests in the early levels where you were sent out to kill the Scarlet Commander Mograine failed, as when the corrupted Ashbringer brings forth the ghost of the Scarlet Commanders father, the father will take out his revenge out on the son that murdered him, killing him with a swift blow.

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