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    SIE Japan Studio

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    Sony's Japanese in-house developer, best known for the Ape Escape, Patapon and Siren series, and many others.

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    Japan Studio has created many PlayStation franchises including Ape Escape, Siren, Patapon, Echocrome, LocoRoco, and other solo games like The Last Guy, Piyotama and Trash Panic. They also have an external projects division that collaborates with outside studios on development, resulting titles like Demon's Souls and the White Knight Chronicles games.

    In the past Japan Studio has had some development teams who stayed together over multiple projects and developed an identity of their own, like Team ICO and Project Siren. However since then it has become more common for the studio to assemble development teams on a project to project basis, and games are typically just identified as developed by Japan Studio itself.

    List of internally developed games


    PlayStation 2

    PlayStation Portable

    PlayStation 3

    PS Vita

    PlayStation 4

    List of games co-developed with other studios

    Studio Japan has also collaborated with other Japanese developers to produce a number of games.

    Games developed with Level-5:

    Games developed with From Software:

    With Crispy's!

    With Comcept and Marvelous

    With Alfa System

    With Shift and DIMPS


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