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    Schezo Wegey

    Character » appears in 27 games

    Schezo is a dark wizard and high-level opponent from the Madou Monogatari and Puyo Puyo series. His desire to gain Arle's power is misconstrued as sexual desire.

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    Schezo Wegey debuted as an antagonist in Madou Monogatari II; he ambushes Arle Nadja and attempts to steal her power. He later appears in the Puyo Puyo series, appearing in every "numbered" entry except the Fever series; in the Compile-made games, he is often one of the final opponents that the player must face. In Puyo Puyo Sun, he is the player character in the "Difficult" course.

    The infamous line "I want you," first spoken to Arle in reference to her magical powers, has caused Schezo to be mistaken as a pervert by other characters. This is even referenced in the name of his 15th Anniversary theme: "I want you!...r power...!" Witch says a similar line to Schezo in Puyo Puyo Sun; they then participate in a "battle of perverts."

    Schezo's most famous attack is known as Areiado; he uses it as his introductory voice clip in the arcade Puyo Puyo and uses a stronger variation, Areiado Special, as his Super Attack in Puyo Puyo~n and his strongest attack in 20th Anniversary. Other attacks include Thunderstorm, Sting Shade, and Shadow Edge.

    His equivalent in Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is Sir Ffuzzy Logik. The team of Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright takes his place in Kirby's Avalanche.


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