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    Playing cooperatively is the key to success in Schizoid by both protecting your partner and avoiding enemies yourself through over 100 unique, fast paced levels. Essentially, it's about Space Neon Lobsters who have to work co-operatively.

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    Schizoid is a cooperative game in which you and your partner (be it a bot or another human) control a ship, one orange and one blue, and must eliminate all enemy ships within each top-down, two dimensional level. To fight your way through the 119 levels, each partner must do their part in both protecting their ally and avoid oncoming enemies. There are a variety of enemies that also come in both orange and blue, and the twist is that the orange player can only destroy orange enemies, and the blue enemy can only destroy the blue enemies. This is where the teamwork aspect comes into play, as if the opposite color enemy hits you, you will lose a life. To destroy enemies, or be destroyed by an enemy, you must simply run into them and touch them using the joystick. The team of players are granted ten lives and a checkpoint for every seven levels in the campaign. The lives are shared between the two players, so if any combination of lives is lost between the two players that equals ten, they must return to their last checkpoint until they gain a new checkpoint seven levels later. If the players make it through a level without losing a single life, they are awarded a gold medal for that level, which also means that the level will be skipped if they must return to the most recent checkpoint before said level. Medals also give bonus points after the level is complete, and there are also silver and bronze medals. Some levels offer power ups that only the the players can use that aid them by giving them special abilities, as explained in the Power Ups section below. Schizoid is exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade and is available for 800 Microsoft Points.

    Game Modes

    Wingman Bot Training

    A single player campaign mode in which the player controls the blue ship and is accompanied by a computer controlled bot that plays as the orange ship.

    Local Co-op

    Two players on the same Xbox join together and fight through the campaign, each controlling either the blue or orange ship.

    Online Co-op

    Two players connect with each other over Xbox Live and play through the campaign, again each controlling either the blue or orange ship.


    A single player mode in which both blue and orange ships are controlled by one player using both thumbsticks on a controller fighting through the campaign.



    The most common enemy and also the only one you will encounter in the earliest levels. These enemies have a scorpian-like body and claws and will head directly for their opposite colored player, however both players maneuver faster than the scorpios.


    These star shaped enemies will chase down the players faster than the scorpios, however players are still able to outrun them. If the same colored player gets near a star, it will retreat away until the player backs off, and will then begin hunting down the opposite colored player again.


    Breeders will make no attempt to chase down their opponent. Instead, they will wander randomly around the stage, laying eggs as they go. Depending on the level, breeders will either lay eggs of their same color or the opposite color. Breeders that lay eggs of the different color are known as cross breeders.


    On certain levels, eggs will already be spawned without breeders. Either way, eggs will eventually begin flashing and then hatch into any enemy form. They will always hatch into enemies of their respective color.


    Flitts appear as spherical ships that will bounce around. However, they sometimes randomly change direction without coming in contant with anything. After some time, Flitts will being to flash and morph into their other form Schizzies.


    Schizzies cannot be destroyed by normal means but can still kill both players. They appear as a sun-like shape with a white/yellow coloring. The only way to defeat them is with the use of power ups, however it is not necessary to kill them in order to complete the level. In an animation that looks something like the transformation from Flitt to Schizzie, these enemies can also duplicate. Just like Flitts, Schizzies bounce off of walls and other objects, however, unlike Flitts, they will not change direction unless they come in contact with something. 


    Astraoebas have four tentacle-like arms and are orbited by one two small round enemies of the opposite color. So a Blue Astramoeba will have orange orbs around it and an Orange Astramoeba will have blue orbs around it. This makes the especially tricky to kill. 


    Shooters are like turrets that can rotate 360 degrees, and fire bullets that are the opposite color of themselves. 

    Circle Shooters

    Circle Shooters are very similar to Shooters except that they fire bullets in all directions at once instead of just one. This makes it necessary to use teamwork between the ships to kill them, but if you are playing this game you probably already have that down.

    Power Ups

    Power ups are set around specific levels. To activate one, a player must pick it up and drag it to his ally. On a few levels power ups actually show up as orange or blue, but normally will be black, allowing either player to pick it up. However, in the case where they are colored, the player of the power up's same color must pick it up first. If the opposite player touches it, it will kill him.

    Speed Burst

    Once activated, both players will be given extra speed to help them dodge and take down enemies faster.


    All enemies within a certain range of the players will be destroyed, no matter what color and all schizzies. It is not a lasting effect; once it is activated it is used up instantly.

    Razor Wire

    Creates a wire between both players that will kill any enemy that touches it, including schizzies. If the players travel too far from one another the wire will begin turning red, and eventually disappear if the players continue to move apart. The wire will also disappear after a certain time limit. The wire will also go through walls and obstacles.

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