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    Scholar Visari

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    Scolar Visari is the leader of the Helghast; the opposing forces in the Killzone franchise.

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    Scolar Visari

    Scolar Visari is the dictator of the planet of Helghan and leader of the Helghast Empire in Killzone, Killzone: Liberation and Killzone 2. Visari is the main antagonist in all three titles. However, Visari's role as antagonist is only implicit due to the fact that he does not appear in the first Killzone title beyond an introductory cinematic. Visari is responsible for the re- militarization of the Helghan army and is the instigator of the Helghast invasion of the planet of Vetka. Scolar Visari states at the end of Killzone: Liberation that the Helghast now possess nuclear weapons and are expecting the ISA invasion of Helgan, which takes place during the events of Killzone 2.

    Voice Actor

    Scolar Visari was voiced by Brian Cox in the original Killzone; Cox has also returned to reprise his role in the 2009 sequel Killzone 2.

    Scolar Visari's Speeches

    Killzone Intro Speech

    The speech given by Scolar Visari in the introductory video to Killzone was purposely designed to resemble speeches given by Hitler to the Nazi Party.

    A text transcript of the speech given by Visari:

    "My people. Sons and daughters of Helghan.
    For many years, we have been a broken nation. Shunned, oppressed, and conquered by those we sought to escape. 10 years ago, I asked for time, and that time was granted by you. You, the strength in my arm, the holders of my dreams.
    Our forefathers embarked on the greatest exodus in the history of all mankind. An exodus for freedom. Helghan became that freedom. Our new world changed our bodies. At first, it weakened us, but in fact, we were growing... stronger. [...]
    In the time you have given me, I have rebuilt our nation, I have rebuilt our strength, AND I have rebuilt our pride! Our enemies at home have been reeducated. We have given them new insights into our cause. On this day, we stand united once more. On this day, those driven to divide us will hear our voice! On this day, we shall act as one, and we shall be ignored NO MORE!
    ...Defenders of the Helghast dream, NOW IS OUR TIME!"

    Killzone 2 Intro

    "My people... Sons and daughters of Helghan. This much I vow.
    The history of these days will be written in blood. By crushing the armies of our enemy, by seizing the weapons they thought to turn against us, we were fighting for our very existence.
    But if there are those who would deny us peace; refuse us our rightful place in the universe, then we will unleash such terrible vengeance that generations yet unborn will cry out in anguish! [...]
    The enemy may shatter our bodies, but they cannot break our spirit.
    Even now they advance on our home world, to seize by force what they cannot claim by right. They cannot imagine what awaits them. WE WILL SMITE THE INVADERS FROM OUR SKIES!
    Though they sweep over our lands like the sands of winter; never again will we bow before them; never again endure their oppression; never again endure their tyranny. We will strike without warning and without mercy; fighting as one hand, one heart, one soul. We will shatter their dreams and haunt their nightmares, drenching our ancestors' graves with their blood. And as our last breath tears at their lungs; as we rise again from the ruins of our cities... they will know, Helghan belongs to the Helghast."

    Killzone 2 Ending

    Scolar Visari
    Scolar Visari
    "And who are you, soldier? [...] They send a sergeant to take Visari? Are your commanders really all so afraid? [...] Really sergeant. And who won? The cowards who commanded you and your comrades here to die? The Helghast have lost nothing. We fight for who we are. We wear our wounds like badges of honour. Helghan is ours, and we will die before we let it fall to plunderers. That is why your leaders dare not make a martyr of me. Your fleet burned, your friends butchered...And you become a hero for saving my life? Does that sound like a victory to you, Sergeant Sevchenko? [...] For giving my people pride, purpose!? We have built this great nation from nothing! Take me, and Helghan will dissolve into chaos. The ISA war machine, powerless to the sheer will of my people. We will choke the streets with our dead before we surrender. Your masters will beg me to restore order. You have not won! You will neve..."

    Killzone 3 Intro

    My People, sons and daughters of Helghan. On this day, as our enemy's ships burn away in orbit, as their bodies lie broken in our streets, we are once again reminded of the depths of their depravity.'For years we have suffered unbearable hardships. Banished by our enemies to die from disease, from famine. They scarred us. They weakened us. But that time has passed. 'For years we worked away on empty stomachs, slowly rebuilding our strength, our pride and our nation! But that time has passed.'All these years I have been humbled by the honor to lead you. Ever, EVER onwards! From this day. Till the end of days!"

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