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    Scissor Man

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    "The Scissor Man" is a recurring title in the Clock Tower series, generally applied to psychotic serial killers.

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    Clock Tower: The First Fear

    In the first Clock Tower game, the Scissor Man is a nine-year-old boy whose name was Bobby Burrows (alternate spelling Burroughs).  Bobby is a short, disfigured boy who wears a blue school uniform and uses a pair of gardening shears to kill his victims, hence the name.
    His mother, Mary Burrows, lures young children to the Burrows Mansion so Bobby could kill them, and then feed the corpses to his twin brother, the even more hideously deformed Dan. Both Dan and Bobby have been implied to be demons.
    He usually chases after Jennifer by walking slowly towards her. During some occasions, he may start to run after her. He occasionally lets out high-pitched giggles and he does a little dance when he has managed to knock out Jennifer. He is able to teleport and sometimes he is hiding somewhere. When Jennifer triggers an event or she examines some item, Scissor Man comes out of his hiding place and attacks her.
    When Jennifer finally makes it to the top of the titular clock tower, she activates the bells of the clock tower. The sound of the bells frightens the young Scissor Man, and he falls into the gears of the clock tower and was crushed to death.

    Clock Tower

    In the sequel (called Clock Tower 2 in Japan) the new Scissor Man is an adult who wears a green trench coat and a mask modelled after the first Scissor Man's face. This Scissor Man walks with a limp, and also has the ability to teleport. He uses an even larger pair of shears to dispatch his victims.
    There are a few fake Scissor Men in the game who try to kill Jennifer and Helen. But the identity of the real Scissor Man never changes and it is revealed at the end of the game.
    In the good ending he is sucked into a portal which is used to kill demons. He is presumably dead.

    Clock Tower 3

    In Clock Tower 3, the role of resident serial killer is shared by a pair of twins, Scissor Man and Scissor Woman. Their real names are Ralph and Jemina. Instead of using scissors, both of them use a very large knife; when about to murder a victim, the Scissor Twins hold their knives together so that the blades form a scissor shape.
    The original Scissor Man
    In the second game, it is revealed that an another Scissorman existed before Bobby Barrows. He was called Little John, and he met his end by the hands of his father.

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