Scoggins, Minnesota

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    Scoggins, Minnesota is the home of the Scoggins Eraser factory, and is the setting for Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent.

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    In Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent, the titular Nelson Tethers finds himself sent to the quaint Minnesota town of Scoggins. Little is known about this town outside of the fact that it is home to the Scoggins Eraser Factory.  This factory supposedly supplies the United States White House with all of their erasers. A mysterious shutdown of the factory is what leads Agent Tethers through his encounters with the townsfolk of Scoggins and the Hidden People, and all of the puzzles that they bear, as he tries to uncover the truth behind Scoggins. 


    The name Scoggins comes from the Swedish word "Skogen" which means "The Forest".

    Areas Within Scoggins

    •  The Scoggins Eraser Factory
    • Valda's Inn
    • The Lodge
    • Moose Ear Diner
    • Sasimy Woods
    • Lake Sven

    Characters in Scoggins

    • Bjorn
    • Sheriff Bahg
    • Issac Davner (presumed dead)
    • Gloria Davner
    • Mike "The Lobster" Lobb
    • Darryl & Darrel
    • Steve
    • The Hidden People

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