Scorch the Dragon

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    Scorch is the second of the two new characters in The Lost Vikings 2 (and it's more modern counterpart Norse by NorseWest: The Return of the Lost Vikings).

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    Scorch the Dragon is the second new character in the Lost Vikings 2, found in the Dark Ages era (the second 'world' of the game).  In the second level of the Dark Ages, only Erik and Olaf are teleported in.  To rescue Scorch, Olaf would have to shrink down to fit inside a small tunnel, then use his fart to propel himself up and slam against the weak ground.

    When Olaf first meets Scorch, he tells him if he has seen a 'Big Mean Viking with a Big Metal Arm'.  Scorch takes it as if this Big Mean Viking (Baleog) is an enemy of Olaf's and will help him hunt him down.  Scorch meets Baleog, causing Baleog to already despise him, and pleas to Olaf to tell Scorch that he doesn't need to be hunted (Second to last level of Dark Ages).  Scorch always keeps his word, but he does get disgusted when something that wasn't meant to happen (when Olaf ends up sending everyone to the Amazon Jungle after calling Fang something that is associated with Jungle), when he threatens he'll save a fireball for him (and in Norse by Norsewest, also calls Olaf "Porky").

    Scorch can jump, and fly in the air, but can only flap a certain amount of times.  Fortunately, he can also glide down to prevent himself from taking damage from long falls.


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