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Score Rush is a score-based bullet hell shooter, released on the Xbox Live Marketplace by Xona Games on December 9, 2010. Score Rush was released on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace as part of the Indie Game Winter Uprising, an unofficial promotion during December of 2010 which garnered some press attention, and even an official dashboard promotion on Xbox Live. Score Rush costs 80 Microsoft Points, the equivalent of $1.00 (USD).


 Score Rush is characterized by neurotic visuals and fast-paced gameplay.
 Score Rush is characterized by neurotic visuals and fast-paced gameplay.
Like many other games on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace, Score Rush is a twin-stick shooter. Unlike these similar games, Score Rush is a vertically scrolling bullet hell shooter, with twin-stick control. The central goal in the game is to progress through the entire game, gaining as many points as possible, destroying enemies and bosses, and collecting power-ups, extra, lives, and bombs.

Such as the name suggests, "Score Rush" is centered around gaining as many points as possible. Each laser that comes in contact with an enemy boosts the player's score, and playing with multiple players gains even more total score. There are also power-ups that simultaneously boost score and provide assistance, such as a wider range for the lasers, more powerful attack, extra lives, and extra bombs. After completing the game a single time, the Hard mode is unlocked, where enemies are more powerful, but more points are gained.

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