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    Scott Mitchell

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    Captain Scott Mitchell is the famous lead character of the Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter series. He is also the commander of the JSF in Tom Clancy's Endwar.

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    Korean Conflict (2011)

    In 2011 the North Korean government faced a problem, famine hit along with rampant pestilence with rising poverty rates, growing political turmoil and the growing threat of economic collapse due to the over budget North Korean armed forces threaten the stability of the country. In an attempt to fix its situation the North Korean government cut its funding to the military in order to save money. This plan backfired as this severely angered the North Korean military and caused them to attempt a coup led by General Jung Chong-Sun against the government which succeeds. Although the new military government succeeds in stabilizing the country the new government with possession of the former government’s sizable nuclear arsenal, this caused them to grow bolder and they threaten to bring war to its surrounding Asian neighbors. In retaliation a NATO task force is created to take down General Jung’s regime led by the United States and backed up by the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Among the United States contribution to the NATO forces is Ghost Recon.

    Captain Scott Mitchell leads the Ghost Forces in their efforts to eliminate General Jung and his forces helping the NATO forces in various efforts against the North Koreans including cutting off there supply of fuel for the forces, eliminating sources of supplies, defending civilian cities, and NATO bases severally hurting the North Korean war effort and angering General Jung making him desperate. This desperation leads to a series of last ditch efforts such as sending a train with several nukes into a city which is stopped by Scott Mitchell and his Ghosts. Finally General Jung manages to invade a major dam near the city of Hamhung with the intention of detonation a nuclear weapon and killing thousands of civilians in the area. Once again the Ghosts and Capt. Mitchell save the day by securing the dam and disarming the nuclear device before managing to deal with General Jung before he can escape.

    Mexican Civil War (2013)

    2 years after the events of the Korean Conflict, Scott Mitchell was deployed to Nicaragua to recover a crashed United States spy plane that was carrying top secret wireless disruption gear called Guardrail IX. During the attempt at recovery United States Intelligence discovers that the device was intended to be moved to Mexico City to the hands of the rebels against the current Mexican Government. Lead by Colonel Carlos Ontiveros of the Mexican Army, the object to what they see is the weakening of Mexico under the current leadership by President Ruiz-Pena. This leads to a coup by the rebels during the signing of a joint North American security agreement. In attendance are the leaders of Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

    Capt. Mitchell’s mission in Nicaragua is aborted when the rebel begin there coup with attack begins during the signing of the agreement. During the attack the Canadian Prime Minister is killed but Ghosts arrive in time to save and extract the United States and Mexican president, but things get worse when they learn that the Nuclear Football is no longer in United States hands. But things start to change when intelligence uncovers that the Guardrail IX is in Mexico City, so Capt. Mitchell is tasked with its recovery or in the worst case it’s destruction before the rebels can use it. During his pursuit of the Guardrail IX Capt. Mitchell and his Ghosts assist Mexican loyalist forces in their attempts to put down the rebels actions in Mexico City and clear roadblocks so that United States forces can move tanks into the area.

    After Capt. Mitchell manages to track down and disable Guardrail IX, Col. Ontiveros pops up again after the freeing of a captured loyalist Mexican General who happens to be the father of Col. Ontiveros. Col. Ontiveros angered by Capt. Mitchell’s actions, manages to kill Capt. Mitchel's Blackhawk pilot and flies to the heavily damaged United States embassy were he intends to use the Nuclear Football to take control of US ICBM’s. Luckily for the free world, Capt. Mitchell and the Ghosts raid the embassy in time with the death of Col. Ontiveros by Capt. Mitchell.

    But even with this victory in Mexico City, the uprising has spread outside the city under the new leadership of Juan de la Barrera and Capt. Mitchell and the Ghosts are re-deployed to Ciudad Juarez to assist in Mexican loyalist forces aided by United States forces in the attempt to prevent the uprising from spilling over onto United States soil. The new rebel leader Juan is discovered to have in his potion of a dirty bomb made from old Soviet warheads, the threat is further increased with their added possession of several medium range missiles capable of hitting the United States.

    Capt. Mitchell’s new mission is now to find and neutralize Juan and his WMD’s before he can launch them. Similar to Mexico City, the Ghosts assist Mexican loyalist in the city of Juarez. Capt. Mitchell manages to push back the rebels and assist the loyalist’s in the elimination of a rebel stronghold positioned in a marketplace. Capt. Mitchell continues to assist the effort against the rebels with the destruction of anti-air batteries and the securing of a Mexican journalist with information of the location of the rebels WMD’s. With the location of the last two nukes, Capt. Mitchell and the Ghosts raid the building with another team of Ghosts. Although facing heavy resistance both teams mange to secure the site and capture of one of the nuke, although Juan end up escaping with the last nuke. He doesn’t make it far as the Ghost catch up with and manage to kill Juan but not before his rebels load a missile with the last nuke in a final act of retaliation against the United States.

    Capt. Mitchell quickly moves to disarm the missile in time but he finds via his commander that the only way to take it out is via EMP launched by a United States fighter plane. Even though he will be in the blast radius orders the pilot to launch and successfully eliminates the nuclear missile. Although the blast catches and he is throw back he manages to survive with only minor injuries with the thanks of the United States president.

    World War III (2020)

    Sometime after the Mexican Civil War Scott Mitchell is promoted to General and given command of the Joint Strike Force (JSF) an evolution of the Marine Expeditionary Force. During those same years the European Union evolved into the European Federation, Russian re-militarized after being left out of an intercontinental missile shield created by the US and EF, and a terrorist organization calling themselves the Forgotten Army was formed made up of people who felt that the three major powers (US, EF, and Russia) had forgotten about the lesser people of Africa, Balkans, and other areas. Although ironically the group was entirely funded by Russia in an attempt to justify aggrieve expansion by pinning the group on the EF or US.

    In the lead up to the war Scott Mitchell was not involved too much in the events leading up; his actions manage to further push the buttons European Federation and the Russian Federation, although rather unwilling. Among his actions during the lead up to war include the defense of Kennedy Space Center in Florida from a terrorist attack, and the failed attempt to abduct European Federation’s defense minister in Copenhagen the quickly end in the JSF’s retreat from the city empty handed.

    After the attempted invasion of the Washington D.C by the EF, the JSF under the command of Gen. Mitchell were fully deployed to combat both the now hostile Russian forces and European forces across the European Theater. After such not much is known about Gen.Mitchell’s actions throughout World War III


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