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Coming from Dakko Dakko, Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails combines platforming, shooting, gravity and minor exploration into a very unique package originally released exclusively for the Wii U eShop with a PS4 and PSVita release following in 2015. The goal is to save all the cats from the evil space-rats.


Scram Kitty likes to help or just ramble on.
Scram Kitty likes to help or just ramble on.

The titular Scram Kitty is not the player character but instead pops up on either the TV or the GamePad (whatever the player chooses as their main screen) and offers gameplay tips such as showing the location of remaining collectibles or just provides color commentary to whatever might be happening.

Players control the "Buddy on Rails" which is a robot driving on pretty much any surface in the level. However, he can only ever shoot perpendicular to the surface he is currently on, meaning players need to jump around between surfaces and always be on the move in order to shoot in other directions.

In certain levels, the player can pick up various new weapons that have different properties tied to advancing in the level such as a charge-up laser that can shoot through light gates and hit switches.

Mastering the extra-high fire jump is key.
Mastering the extra-high fire jump is key.

A core part of the game is the platforming. The Buddy on Rails frequently has to jump from surface to surface to successfully and quickly get around the levels and often the fastest and best way is through exploiting the gravity and inertia mechanics to cover the greatest possible distance. It most closely resembles a blend between VVVVVV and the 2D segments (also long-jumping on the small spheres in the 3D levels) in the Super Mario Galaxy games. Jumping itself comes in two flavors with a regular jump and a "fire jump" that is activated by jumping once and then pressing the jump button again before landing back on the ground to initiate a flaming higher jump. The max-height of the fire jump is determined by the amount of player health available.

Levels & Objectives

Battling a rat commander
Battling a rat commander

The game is separated into 29 levels that are unlocked by saving varying numbers of cats. Multiple levels can be unlocked at the same time, offering some freedom in which order to tackle them. Additionally, each level after the four tutorial stages offers four different objectives out of which only one is mandatory. The default objective is reaching the exit which is marked by a kitten to be saved. The other objectives consist of defeating a rat commander (an extra-tough enemy), collecting all 100 golden pennies in the level and chasing a teleporting cat through the level.

Objectives can be completed in any order or even all at once. They also represent the player controlled difficulty of the game as the game does not offer preset difficulty modes.

Challenge Mode

On top of the main Adventure Mode, there is also a challenge mode letting players take on the levels against the clock.

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