Scrap Mechanic

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    A building game about a stranded mechanic on a farming moon.

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    Players in Scrap Mechanic take the role of a mechanic that has been sent to a farm moon to do farmingbot repairs. Upon arriving the mechanics' spaceship malfunctions and he finds himself stuck on a beautiful but dangerous place

    The game has two modes; build mode and creative mode. In build mode the Player’s goal is to send food to the faraway metropolitan planets. To accomplish this goal the player must repair local robots and create new machines out of parts from collected resources. How well the player accomplishes this task is only limited by their engineering skill.

    In creative mode players have unlimited resources to create as many inventions as they can. The only limits are their imaginations. Scrap mechanic comes with over 100 parts. Each part has unique shapes or other attributes to allow the player to create bizarre and functional moving machines. Even if that function is just to be weird.

    To further expand the creative options, Scrap Mechanic offers special interactive parts. These parts allow players to create moving machines capable of all sorts of hilarious antics. Some available interactive parts include, gas engines, electric engines, thrusters, sensors and buttons. The publisher will be releasing additional interactive parts based on user input and according to the developer road map.

    Each player has four unique tools in their arsenal to assist them with the building. The player handbook contains important information and tutorials on the basics of building. The Connect Tool is used to bring all of the pieces together and is used to manipulate components of your creation. The Lift, helps the player move themselves and components to different elevations. Finally, the Sledgehammer is used to break apart the player creations and salvage parts that were previously used.


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