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    Scrap Metal

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    An item acquired through the crafting system of Team Fortress 2. Used in conjunction with other items to create weapons, or higher grades of metal.

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    There are several uses for scrap metal in Team Fortress 2. It can be used to craft  Reclaimed Metal, which is then crafted into Refined Metal, and then as of right now only hats and miscellaneous items. Scrap Metal can also be used to craft weapons. There are a couple of ways of acquiring Scrap Metal, all of which require crafting.


    Acquiring Scrap Metal

    There is two easy blue-prints to remember: 

    1. Combine any two weapons from the same class.  (This includes duplicates and Spy watches.)
      • This is technically four different blue-prints in the Team Fortress 2 blue-print menu.
      1. Smelt Primary Weapons
      2. Smelt Secondary Weapons
      3. Smelt Melee Weapons
      4. Smelt Class Weapons (Overrides them all)

    2. Smelt Reclaimed Metal
      • Place a Reclaimed Metal in the craft slot and hit the Craft button.
      • Produces 3 pieces of Scrap Metal.

    Using Scrap Metal

    As stated above, the Scrap Metal is used for creating several different in game items. The first being Reclaimed Metal. However, that is not all Scrap Metal is used for. It comes into play when crafting other weapons as well.  Below are some blue-prints for using Scrap Metal.
    1. Combine Scrap Metal
    2. Fabricate Class Weapons
      This has randomly generated results. So if you were to craft for a class that has two secondary unlocks, such the Sniper ( Jarate & The Razorback) there would be no way to specify which item you want. However, if you were to craft the Sniper's Primary or Secondary weapon slots, you would only receive The Huntsman or Tribalman's Shiv.

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