Instructions- Turn off console then insert disc?

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So as my Wii U update trickles I decided to open up the informative Scribblenauts Unlimited instruction manual. Here is the getting started section:

1. Turn OFF the Wii U console by pressing the Power Button.

2. Insert Scribblenauts Unlimited Game Disc into the Disc Slot of the Wii U.

3. Turn ON the Wii U console by pressing the Power Button.

4. Touch the Scribblenauts Unlimited icon on the Touch Screen to start the game.

Have I been using my consoles wrong this entire time. Is the proper way to turn them off before inserting a disc. This seems odd.

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#2 Posted by AndrewB (7814 posts) -

I think that's their super-conservative way of making sure everything works correctly (a system starting from "boot" has less of a chance for something to go wrong/something to interfere with the game launching). Considering the Wii U still uses a slot-loading drive, it technically can't have a disc inserted into it unless the system is powered on (if it's like the Wii, the system is always on in a low power state anyway, even if you don't use the Wii Connect 24 feature).

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That is interesting ;-). Does the WiiU turn on when you try to insert a disc into the drive (like the PS3 does)? If yes, the third step would be obsolete ;-) .

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In the game type in "Scribblenauts Unlimited Instructions Manual" and "WiiU" and tell us what you get.

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