Stage 2 -- Puzzle Answers for Mastering

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These are ways to master the puzzles on stage 2 of scribblenauts. They can also be used for passing it only once.


Puzzle 1 -- 1. Draw a bat and break the pinata. 2. Draw a flail and break the pinata. 3. Draw a baton and break the pinata. 
Puzzle 2 -- 1. Draw a candy and drop it. 2. Draw a lollipop and drop it. 3. Draw a caramel and drop it. 
Puzzle 3 -- 1. Draw an apple and give it to the teacher. 2. Draw a book and give it to the teacher. 3. Draw chalk and give it to the teacher. 
Puzzle 4 -- 1. Give the man glasses. 2. Give the man a monocle. 3. Give the man a contact. 
Puzzle 5 -- 1. Put a cowboy hat, a t-shirt, and jeans on the mannequin. 2. Put gloves, a sweatshirt, and shorts on the mannequin. 3. Put a hat, a vest, and sweatpants on the mannequin. 
Puzzle 6 -- 1. Grab a football, and walk in the goalpost. 2. Grab a basketball, and walk in the goalpost. 3. Grab a volleyball, and walk in the goalpost. 
Puzzle 7 -- 1. Draw a mop and use it on the spill, then put the banana peel in the cooler. 2. Draw a janitor, who will clean up the oil spill. Dispose of the peel as before. 3. Draw a broom and use it on the spill. Then put the peel away. 
Puzzle 8 -- 1. Draw a basket, grab it, and fill it with one of the items each. Bring it to the counter and draw money. 2. Draw a shopping cart and put it by the register. Fill it with one item each, then draw a quarter. 3. Draw a jar, then fill it with one item each. Draw a nickel. 
Puzzle 9 -- 1. Draw an alarm clock and place it by the boy. Interact with it to wake him up. Draw a waffle for the girl. 2. Drop water(enviroment) on the boy to wake him up. Draw the girl a pancake. 3. Drop a hose(water) on the boy to wake him up. Draw the girl an egg. 
Puzzle 10 -- 1. Draw a chicken(food), soda, and ice cream. Turn the oven on. 2. Draw popcorn, corn, and water. Turn the oven on. 3. Draw french fries, lemonade, and turn the oven on. 
Puzzle 11 -- 1. Draw a mouse trap by each rat. 2. Draw a cat and place it by each rat. You may have to attach the dog by two leashes to a safe to stop it from attacking the cat. 3. Draw a bat(sports) and wings. Kill all the rats, and for the last one, fly up and kill it. The dog will attack you, so quickly fly past it, kill the rat, and get away. 
That's it for my Stage 2 Guide. Thanks for using my guide, and happy scribbling!

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