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SD The Great Battle is a top-down platformer/shooter that features characters from the Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Mobile Suit Gundam universes. It is the first game in what would be known as the Compati Hero Series. As well as for stylistic reasons, characters are super deformed -- turned into cartoonish caricatures with large heads and small bodies -- so that characters from the three franchises can be depicted at heights comparative to one another. Normally, Kamen Rider characters are human-sized whereas most Gundam Mobile Suits and Ultraman (and his kaiju opponents) are around 50-200 feet tall.

The game was the first Super Famicom title to be released in Japan that would never be officially localized for the international market, presumably due to the limited exposure in the west of its featured franchises. It was also the last Super Famicom game to be released in 1990.

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