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    SD Gundam G Generation 3D

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Dec 22, 2011

    The G Generation series debuts on the Nintendo 3DS. New series include Gunpla Builders Beginning G and Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

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    SD Gundam G Generation 3D, as its name implies, is a 3DS entry in the G Generation series of collect-em-all strategy games. It is the sequel to G Generation World, and allows players to participate in various battles throughout Gundam's history using a custom set of pilots and Mobile Suits. 
    The game marks the debut of two new series. Gunpla Builders Beginning G is a short OVA which involves kids who use Gunpla models to participate in virtual battles. Mobile Suit Gundam AGE is (as of this writing) the newest Gundam TV series, and despite the fact that it will have less than a third of its episodes aired as of the game's release, will contribute several characters and the titular Gundam AGE-1.


    The core gameplay follows the basic structure of previous G Generation games, particularly G Generation Spirits and its successors. The player assembles a force of pilots and mobile suits, and are placed in the middle of famous Gundam battles. Mission objectives generally consist of destroying all enemies on the map, though many maps have other special conditions. 
    Each pilot has an MP rating which represents their morale. As pilots deal damage and dodge attacks, their MP raises and their stats increase; on the other hand, taking damage and missing attacks cause their MP to fall. Pilots with full MP enter Super Mode, while pilots with no MP lose their next turn.
    "Generation Break" is triggered by achieving certain conditions; if successful, more enemies will appear, often from a different Gundam era. "Challenge Missions" are triggered in the same way, except a single secret unit appears.
    G Generation 3D implements Spirit Commands from the Super Robot Wars series (though the Wonderswan, GBA, and DS G Gen games featured a similar "ID Command" system). These Spirit Commands are short-term spells which boost the player's stats.

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