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 SD Gundam G Generation World is the sequel to G Generation Wars, both of which are part of the SD Gundam G Generation series of turn-based strategy games. It is both the Wii's and the PSP's second G Gen game. This game adds more series, more characters, and more Mobile Suits.


 G Gen World's gameplay does not appear to deviate far from its predecessors. The player builds a force of Mobile Suits and pilots and uses them to fight in missions based on the various Gundam series. As an MS attacks, dodges, or gets hit by an attack, its pilot's "MP" rating increases or decreases accordingly. If the pilot's MP is maxed out, he or she goes into Critical mode and deals much more damage; if the pilot's MP is emptied, he or she become highly vulnerable to enemy attacks.
Most of the systems from G Generation Wars returns, including Exchange and Wars Break (now "Generation Break"). This game introduces "Challenge Missions," special missions which involve secret units.
For the first time, the player is allowed to create their own faceless pilot. The pilot's name, gender, faction, voice, and battle music can be customized.

Master Characters

The Master Character system from G Generation Wars returns, and is expanded to include a handful of rival characters. Like Wars, the Master Character receives a "Basic," downgraded version of his/her signature MS that must be upgraded to become the regular version.
Unlike Wars, the Master Character is not neccessary to unlock side characters; with the exception of Collection-based unlocks, all pilots are available from the start.
Amuro Ray (UC 0079)
Mobile Suit Gundam
Char Aznable (UC 0079)
Mobile Suit Gundam
Kou Uraki
Gundam 0083
Anavel Gato
Gundam 0083
Kamille Bidan
Zeta Gundam
Quattro Bajeena
Zeta Gundam
Jerid Messa
Zeta Gundam
Judau Ashta
Gundam ZZ
Haman Karn (UC 0088)
Gundam ZZ
Amuro Ray (UC 0093)
Char's Counterattack
Char Aznable (UC 0093)
Char's Counterattack
Banagher Links
Gundam Unicorn
Seabook Arno
Gundam F91
Tobia Arronax
Crossbone Gundam
Uso Ewin
Victory Gundam
Domon Kasshu
G Gundam
Heero Yuy
Gundam Wing
Zechs Merquise
Gundam Wing
Garrod Ran
Gundam X
Loran Cehack
Turn A Gundam
Kira Yamato (CE 71)
Gundam SEED
Athrun Zala (CE 71)
Gundam SEED
Shinn Asuka
SEED Destiny
Setsuna F. Seiei (2307 AD)
Gundam 00
Mr. Bushido
Gundam 00

Featured Series

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