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SD Hiryu no Ken is a 1994 fighting game for the Super Famicom that features 15 different characters, including the hero of the Hiryu no Ken/Flying Dragon series Ryuhi. As the name implies, the characters have super-deformed proportions.

The game was also released to the Game Boy as SD Hiryu no Ken Gaiden, and that port would receive a sequel in SD Hiryu no Ken Gaiden 2.


  • Ryuhi: The main character of the Hiryu no Ken series.
  • Min Min: A Chinese female who uses kick-based techniques.
  • Yuka: An Aiki-Jujitsu practitioner who uses whirlwinds to toss her foes.
  • Hayato: A jack-of-all-trades character who sports a gi.
  • Shouryu: A fighter that mixes traditional martial arts with Lucha Libre.
  • Uruka: A hulking, feral fighter.
  • Earthquaker: A mummy that wields a large staff.
  • Wiler: A military man who focuses on hard-hitting strikes.
  • Roseman: A British boxer that can unleash a flurry of punches.
  • Tetsuo: A roughneck who wields a wooden sword.
  • Mainohana: A sumo wrestler.
  • Powers: A professional wrestler with a powerful grappling technique.
  • RAIMA: A fighting robot.
  • Daddy (SFC): A lion with pegasus wings and razor-sharp claws.
  • Jennifer (Gaiden): Daddy's master; a scantily-clad woman who wields a whip.
  • Suzaku: A mysterious villain wearing red armor.

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