Sea Slide Galaxy

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    Another one of Super Mario Galaxy's galaxies.

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    The Sea Slide Galaxy is another galaxy that appears in Super Mario Galaxy. In this galaxy, Mario and Luigi must collect 6 Power Stars in 6 missions. Here are all of the missions in the galaxy:


    Faster Than a Speeding Penguin: The race is about to start.
    Faster Than a Speeding Penguin: The race is about to start.
    • Going After Guppy: In this mission, Mario and Luigi must confront Guppy to see who has a better flipper by passing 8 rings. Complete it and you will get a Star.
    • Faster Than a Speeding Penguin: The 2nd mission is a racing mission in which Mario and Luigi must face off in a penguin race. If he accepts, then the race begins. To win, Mario and Luigi must come in 1st place to earn a Star.
    • Underwater Cosmic Mario Race: If the Cosmic Comet is in orbit, then Mario and Luigi must race against him.
    • The Silver Stars of the Sea Slide: In this one, Mario and Luigi must find all 5 Silver Stars.
    • Hurry, He's Hungry!: This one is a Secret Star mission in which Mario and Luigi must get all of the musical notes.
    • Purple Coins by the Seaslide: If you beat the game once and a Purple Comet comes in play, then Mario & Luigi must collect all 100 purple coins in this mission.

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