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    Search Man

    Character » appears in 3 games

    Robot master from Mega Man 8. his weapon is Homing Sniper.

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    Search Man is one of the robot masters in Mega Man 8; he's one of the robot masters that protects the barrier for Dr. Wily's castles, Wily Tower. His weapon of choice is the homing sniper, and his weakness is the flame sword. 


    Search Man was created with two heads, Dr. Wily, the creator, got really high one night and had the idea if a robot master has two heads, it will the most powerful robot masters ever created. But Dr. Wily went through a slip up, he forgot to place two minds. As a result, Search Man would switch from one head to the other, and then ends up confuse.
    Search Man is apart of the second of the four robot masters after Mega Man beats the first in Mega Man 8. Search Man and the other three robot master are the protectors of the barrier for Wily Tower. Search Man is located in somewhere in Africa.
    Search Man's attack methods consist of shooting homing missiles, he will also hides into bushes and try to snipe his enemy, Mega Man. His weakness is the flame sword, a weapon from Sword Man, when he hides in the bushes, Mega Man can use the flame sword and burn the bush, preventing from Search Man to try to use the homing sniper.

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