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    Seaside Clamshell Inn

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    A "love hotel" in Persona 3, which also appears in Persona 4.

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    Persona 3/Persona 3 FES

    The Seaside Clamshell Inn is a love hotel that originally appears in Shin Megami Tensei:  Persona 3 as the event dungeon in which the Lovers Shadow boss is fought. Minato, Yukari, and two other characters selected by the player enter the hotel to hunt down the Shadow when they are overcome by its influence and lose consciousness.  When Minato comes to his senses, he discovers that he is in one of the inn's rooms and Yukari is in the attached bathroom, showered and dressed in only a towel.  A voice tells him to take advantage of Yukari, but he snaps out of it before anything terrible can happen.  Shortly after, the two are met by the other characters who were similarly paired and nearly overtaken by the Lovers influence, and together they figure out that certain mirrors within the hotel must be shattered in order for them to proceed.  Once the boss is defeated, the characters leave the inn and don't return for the remainder of the game.

    Persona 4

    In Persona 4, the students go on a class trip to Tatsumi Port Island only to find out that, to their horror,  Ms. Kashiwagi booked rooms at the Seaside Clamshell Inn for the entire class.  She forcefully downplays the fact that the inn is actually a love hotel, but shares her excitement at the fact that all of the rooms have waterbeds.

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