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The player takes the role of student Shuji Yamagami starting out in Kotobuki Preparatory School. The game follows you through the year as you meet up with different girls. Through various school vacations and off time you develop more relationship with the girls and at the end you will choose what girl you confess your love to. 


The game follows the standard "Visual Novel" interface of selecting the actions from a menu (ex. LOOK MOVE TALK THINK) 


  •  Shuji Yamagami - The character controlled by the player. He excels at most things that he puts his mind to except women, also can't swim.

  • Reiko Sawamura - A girl who is two years older than Shuji. She is the star of the swim team

  • Kiyomi Shinfuji - One of Shuji's classmates. She is academically gifted and shy, she helps manage the school baseball team.

  • Mio Suzuki - A bright and happy girl who is the same year as Shuji. She is one of the tennis stars of the school.

  • Ruri Shiromizu - A quiet girl who transfers into Shuji's class halfway through the year. She barly talks with anyone.

  • Aki Hinagiku - A classmate of Mio and her main rival in tennis. She is very loud and aggressive.

  • Seia Yoshida - A kind, sweet girl who is very religous. She is one of Shuji's classmates.

  • Meimi Nakano - A stubborn classmate of Shuji who really doesn't care for school. She is a memeber of her parents circus troupe.

  • Shoko Nishino - An older girl who is Reiko's classmate. She helps with the soccer team and is very shallow.

  • Kyoko Kobayashi - Shuji's teacher. She often has drinking parties with her students.

  • Makoto Shimazaki - Shuji's friend who is a major military buff, he often enjoys playing war games


This game has several different endings. At various points in the game depending on what choices you made before that point you could hook up with a different girl either early on, near Christmas break, or at the end. The game also has several bad endings that mainly just end up with you not getting any of the girls at all. 

Anime Connections

All the characters are in some way based on characters from anime and in one example based on another date sim game. 
  • Reiko Sawamura is based on Umi Ryuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Kiyomi Shinfuji is based on Fuu Hououji from Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Mio Suzuki is based on Hikaru Shidou from Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Ruri Shiromizu is based on  Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Aki Hinagiku     is based on Asuka Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Seia Yoshida   is based on Serira Mimori from Saint Tail
  • Meimi Nakano is based on  Meimi Haneoka from Saint Tail.
  • Shoko Nishino  is based on  Shoko Inaba from date sim  Welcome to Pia Carrot
  • Kyoko Kobayashi is based on  Misato Katsuragi from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
  • Makoto Shimazaki is based on  Kensuke Aida from Neon Genesis Evangelion

Differences in the US Version

In the original Japanses version the characters ages was 16. To release the game in the US the ages were changed to 18 and the older girls ages was set to 20. Because of this an extra bit of text was added in the beginning of the game to explain that the school,  Kotobuki Preparatory School, was a special post high school school, not a college. 

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