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    Sebastian LaCroix

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    Prince of Los Angeles for the Camarilla, a man with great ambition.

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    LaCroix before all else is a politician, his every move a calculated effort to consolidate his power in Los Angeles and beyond. Officially he governs as Prince on behalf of the Camarilla but his ambition goes much further. He sees in the Ankaran Sarcophagus an opportunity, a weapon even, to strike at his enemies. Though he is careful to hide his true motives.

    As the game starts the player is about to be publicly executed when Nines Rodriguez intervenes and LaCroix decides, diplomatically, to spare your life, effectively making you his new errand boy or girl. He sends you to Santa Monica to blow up a warehouse controlled by the Sabbat and when you unexpectedly make it back alive he entrusts you with further missions...

    Born in Calais , France over 200 years ago he joined and graduated from The Royal Military Academy.

    Once a soldier in Napoleon's army, LaCroix has been around for some time, staying in London and parts of Africa where it is said he found his bodyguard, The Sheriff. During his travels he was long pursued by the witch-hunter Bach and his descendants. The latest to take up the mantle, Grunfeld Bach, pursues him still.

    His alliances shift as needs arise, plotting with the Kuei-Jin, even joining forces with the Anarchs, or so he proposes...


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