Is the Section 8 Prejudice PC community dead?

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#1 Posted by jaymag94 (13 posts) -

So I just bought Section 8 Prejudice today while it has been on sale on Steam (only $4!!!), but I have tried joining multi player games but there doesn't seem to be any people playing.

Does anyone know if there is no longer a community for this game on pc?

It seems as though it is quite a good game but at the moment all I can do is play single player, which is decent but I would like to try out the multi player.

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#2 Posted by Bell_End (1234 posts) -

there was a section 8 community?

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#3 Posted by jaymag94 (13 posts) -

Nevermind, iv'e gone back and searched again and now i can see a couple of games that weren't there before. Hopefully it is as fun as it looks.

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