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Far from perfect

Now a recent trend is coming up to try to capitalize on the low income market."Why pay 60 dollars on first person shooter when you can pay 15 dollars for the same experience." Well Blacklight tango down was what I consider the first success. It had a diverse leveling system and some unique game-play but the problem was it was to in house. The tags and other stats gave no reason explanation and even the developers had to release a series of "guides" to explain it and that got a bit convoluted.

Now there is Section 8:Prejudice Instead of coming out of the gate as a new game series, this is actually a sequel to a disk release game which got mediocre reviews. Well the game hasn't change drastically enough to say they went above and beyond, but they did add some lasting concepts and fun distractions.

As of now there are 2 multiplayer modes and a Campaign mode. The Campaign mode is about as deep as any other first person shooter so no sense in going to deep in that. Conquest mode which is the competitive mode is quite well made. Though lacking in party mode for now or possibly ever it is a 32 which is 16v16 of domination. With side missions popping up to break up the gameplay it plays well and focuses players into a single game mode which will help keep the game alive.  Second game mode is Swarm. Swarm is the horde/fire fight/ nazi zombie mode we all know and love. How is this different? Well you control a single point have to take on waves of enemies and keep them taking the object back. So instead of just surviving you have to protect this spot meaning everyone can't just hide in corners and hope for the best which increases difficulty and  the need for teamwork.

Now is this game a 60 dollar game? By all means no. Is this game 15 dollars and well worth it's price? I can safely say yes. It might not have the fine polish voice wise as some games, but sometimes you gotta stop talking and gotta start fighting. The Customization options, the swarm mode and the promise of more to come this game is well worth the distraction between those high end games.

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