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This Room Sucks
This Room Sucks
Sector 5, ID code ARC, is an area of the BSL Research Station from Metroid Fusion. It's used for arctic environments and maintains extremely low temperatures. Rooms are more about ice than snow. Due to the Metroid Vaccine, Samus can't step foot in ARC without taking damage due to her newly acquired weakness to cold. The only time she can explore Sector 5 is after recovering the Varia Suit.
Ice infused Blue X are made in ARC and spread to other sectors to work against Samus' weakness to cold. But with the Varia Suit, they're no longer a threat.


ARC is a series of giant freezers linked together by access corridors. Not every room is low temperature, but more than enough to kill Samus without the Varia Suit. Enemies here are a collection of creatures from other sectors, along with the Blue X that first appeared in Sector 6 (NOC). Occasionally, the shadow of Nightmare can be seen flying in the background of the first room with glass in the background. The first few visits to ARC are a simple run to the Data Room but later on it undergoes a serious change.
ARC Flooded
ARC Flooded
Later, a bioweapon known as Nightmare infected by X goes on a rampage in Sector 5 and tears it apart. The refrigeration fails, the ice melts, and ARC becomes flooded. The path of destruction leads right to the boss room where Samus faces off against the gravity manipulating Nightmare. It serves as the only boss in Sector 5 and defeating it restores the Gravity Suit ability.

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