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    Sector Z

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    A mysterious nebula where space dust and debris has collected in the shape of the letter Z. It's home to a ship graveyard in Star Fox 64.

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    Sector Z first appears in Star Fox for the SNES, but its most well known incarnation is found in Star Fox 64. The stage is part of the hard route and is centered around protecting the Great Fox from an enemy ambush in full range mode (free flight). Enemy fighters will continuously flood the battlefield until joined by Copperhead Space Cruise Missiles. A total of six missiles will appear in three waves and will head directly toward the Great Fox in an attempt to destroy it. If players are unable to destroy every single missile, the Great Fox won't be destroyed but it will take severe damage and essentially fail the mission. Succeeding will guarantee a clear route to Area 6, while failing will force the route to go to Bolse.

    Other Appearances

    Super Smash Bros. has Sector Z as a playable stage. The setup is quite similar to the mission from Star Fox 64. Players fight along the top of the Great Fox as it flies around the sector. Copperhead missiles and space junk can be seen floating in the background but do not enter the fighting area or affect game play.

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