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Portugal-based Seed Studios, founded in 2006 in Oporto, is the result of a partnership between Norhold, Lda and Lt-Studios, whose team developed a three-dimensional interactive representation of "Praça da Liberdade" and "Avenida dos Aliados", two popular locations in Oporto, as well as a multiplayer-oriented first-person game that took place in the Middle East.

Seed Studios is among the first Portuguese game developers to see a worldwide release in a popular digital distribution platform (Under Siege was released on the PlayStation Network for PS3 consoles).

The studio has now stopped all development efforts and exists solely to manage profit from Under Siege.

Games Developed

Toy Shop TycoonTycoon StrategyMajesco Entertainment/CodemastersNintendo DS
Sudoku for KidsPuzzleIndividual SoftwareNintendo DS, PC
Aquatic TalesActionGameInvest, S.A.Nintendo DS, Wii, PC
Under SiegeReal Time TacticsSony Computer EntertainmentPlaystation Network (PS3)
R3 - Ridiculous Road RacingRacingSeed StudiosiOS

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