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    A local gardener, and lover of all things seeds, Seedos will venture into your garden frequently to inspect your plants and to give you seeds for planting.

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    Seedos first visits the player’s garden once they reach level 2 and whenever the player talks to him he will speak a line of dialogue and throw a seed onto the ground. Seedos will occasionally give out ‘mystery seeds’ that the player has not yet discovered and once a seed has been received from Seedos the player can then buy it from Costalot’s Store at any time, as such Seedos is the only source of obtaining new seeds for the player. As the player’s level increases new and more valuable seeds will become available from Seedos. Seedos will also often wander around the garden inspecting the player’s plants and will become happy when he finds well-watered or fertilised plants. Sprinkling Seedos with the watering can will also make Seedos happy and when happy he is more likely to drop more valuable seeds.

    Aside from talking to Seedos players can also obtain seeds from Seedos by smacking him with the shovel. This will make Seedos drop multiple seeds, however if the player does this Seedos’ visits to the garden will become less frequent and upon his return to the garden he will drop weed seeds around the garden. Talking to him too many times during one of his visits will also have the same effect but without him dropping any seeds.


    Seedos (born Sidos) was the last child born to Jardinero and his wife. From very early in life Sidos showed a great ability for raising Piñatas. At a young age Sidos began raising a single Shellybean, soon moved onto raising two and eventually started to breed them. When Jardinero and Stardos were lured away from Jardinero’s garden and it was ransacked by Ruffians, Sidos fled to the swamp with his family of Shellybeans.  Sidos lived in the swamp with the Shellybeans until Jardinero returned, during which time he developed a love of seeds, much like the Shellybeans and changed his name to Seedos.


    One message on the loading screen tells players that they can “wallop Seedos’ weak point for massive damage.” This is a reference to the ‘giant enemy crab’ internet meme.    


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