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    Sega GT 2002

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Sep 02, 2002

    Sega GT 2002 was released as a sequel to Sega GT. Without any online play, the game focuses on developing the player with customization and driver's licenses.

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    Sega GT 2002 is the sequel to Sega GT, which was released for the Dreamcast in February 2000. It was initially planned as a DreamCast release as well, but with the Dreamcast being discontinued in 2001, this led to it becoming an original Xbox release. Sega GT 2002 and Jet Set Radio Future were merged into one disc and sold bundled with specially marked Xbox packages. A year later, Sega GT Online was released, which added online play and more content.

    Sega GT 2002 met criticism from car enthusiasts who noticed an improper portrayal of classic muscle cars, like the Dodge Charger with 700 horsepowers that players found useless against weaker opponents in the game's quarter-mile drag races.

    Game Features

    • Instead of rendering damage to the car in real time, Sega GT 2002 used a damage meter that would reduce as the player hit walls or other racers. Though this did not effect handling in any way, it did reduce the award money the player received at the end of the race.
    • Unlike its main competitor Gran Turismo 3, the license tests are merely timed laps.
    • GT 2002 did not refresh or give the player new parts after each race in career mode. This changed the way money in the game was handled, forcing the player to make sure new tires and other parts could be purchased when needed to maximize performance.
    • This was the first game sold outside of Japan that let players drive pre-80's classic Japanese cars.
    • Sega GT 2002 was the first game to allow the player to name their price when selling a car. The car had to be put up for "sale" and as more races in career mode are completed, days passing are simulated. Setting a very high price for a car not necessarily worth such a mark up will result in a lower chance of the car getting sold.

    Game Modes

    Sega GT 2002: This was the main career mode. You start out with just $13,000 to buy your first car, then race to earn more money and higher licenses to eventually become the official race champion.

    Quick Battle: You could race split screen against a human opponent locally, race an AI opponent, or watch a simulated race.

    Chronicle Mode: Using only cars from the 60's and 70's, race against newer cars, using winnings to tune up your collection.

    Time Attack: Set and beat your fastest lap on any circuit available in the game.

    Replay Studio: View and edit your saved replays.


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