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    Sega Rally 3

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released May 01, 2008

    Sega Rally 3 for the arcade is one of the finest and most fun arcade racers out there. Features include 6 player multiplayer races , a championship mode and a remake of the classic Desert '95 track.

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    Sega Rally 3 was developed by, the now closed, Sega Racing Studio and released in arcades by Sega Amusements Europe. The game was developed simultaneously alongside the 2007 release Sega Rally Revo for the Xbox 360 & Playstation 3. Sega Rally 3 has three brand new tracks, updated official WRC '08 rally cars, improved graphics and frame rate, as well as a remake of the Desert '95 track from the original Sega Rally. The game was later ported to consoles as Sega Rally Online Arcade in 2011.

    Game Modes

    -The single player Championship mode returns to the classic model of Sega Rally racing, with players attempting to beat the clock, the track and 21 other racers to win the rally. The rally takes place across three stages, Tropical, Canyon and Alpine, and you need to complete two laps of each by reaching each checkpoint within the time limit.

    -Quick-Race, which is 1 - 6 players. Three tracks from championship are available for selection, as well as 6 official WRC cars plus 2 hidden cars. These can be unlocked by holding down the brake pedal in the car select screen

    -Classic Mode lets players relive the legendary Desert '95 track from Sega Rally 1. This is mode is also 1 to 6 players and players are able to chose from the classic Toyota Celica ST205 and the Lancia Super Delta HF integrale to race in.

    The Cabinet

    Deluxe Cabinet
    Deluxe Cabinet

    Currently Sega Rally 3 is only available in the deluxe cabinet which has a "62 DLP screen, 4.1 surround sound, a motion base seat and can be linked to 5 other machines for 6 player action.


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