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Sega Soccer Slam is considered to be a no-holds-barred, anything-goes soccer game. Unlike other video game soccer games there are no rules. Players are also encouraged to abuse their opponents by any means available to them in attempts to get the ball and score.

The game puts you on a soccer field with three players on each team (four counting the goalkeeper). The player must do whatever it takes to get the ball and score on his opponent. Everytime an action is performed in the game, whether it's a steal, pass, or a shot on goal, points are accumulated. If a player manages to complete a combo they'll get higher points. These points go to a meter at the bottom of your screen which allows for a special move called a "Killer Kick" when completed filled up. This move allows the on-screen player to lob the ball into the air, creating a circle on the opposite side of the field. The player must direct one of his on-field players into that circle, which will then attempt to shoot at the goal (not unlike the special kicks seen in the Mario soccer games). These shots have a much higher chance of scoring than regular goal shots.

If a player manages to hold onto the ball long enough, a spotlight will appear on the field with your team logo. You must direct your player into that light and press the kick button to do what's called a "Spotlight Kick". Your player will perform the same actions as he would in a Killer Kick except nobody lobs it up to them, and it's not as

A player performing the Killer Kick.
A player performing the Killer Kick.


The game features several modes to keep you busy. One of these modes is called Exhibition which is your regualar match option. You can either do a Quick Match, which has the game pick everything for you and you are automatically put on the field, or you can do an Exhibition Match which allows you to choose your team, the opposing team, and a stadium. There are also two mini-games for you to play as well called Hot Potato and Brawl. Hot Potato, like the game that some people enjoy playing, has you kicking a soccer ball around, which is the "hot potato". You must try to avoid having the ball while the timer counts down. Whoever held onto the ball longest loses and it keeps going until you have a winner. Brawl is self-explanatory and fun. You pick any player from any team and fight against four other players. During the game, power-ups will also drop down enabling you to grab them and use them to your advantage.

Quest Mode is basically your typical career mode. In this mode, you must pick a team and lead them all the way to the end to win the coveted Continental Cup. You'll play a series of ten games, with practice sessions in between each match for the first five games. If you manage to be in the top four of the standings by the end of the tenth game, you'll move onto the semi-finals, and then the finals if you win. You'll get money for each game, and the practice sessions will give you a hundred dollars for each goal scored in the practice session. All this money can be used to purchase things in the shop. Each player on each team has three items that will increase their stats and you can purchase those from the shop as well as concept art. The items you buy will automatically be equipped on the players and can be used in all game modes. In the end, if you manage to win the Continental Cup, you'll unlock that team's stadium to use anytime during Exhibition Mode.

Challenge Mode has you picking three players from any team and a team to play for. This is similar to a pick-up game. You will then play a series of four games against opposing teams with the fourth and final team having an unlockable player. If you manage to successfully win all the matches, you'll unlock that player that you saw in the fourth game. Once you unlock three players that belong to a specific team, you'll unlock that team. There are three teams to unlock and nine players. The teams are Team Ohm, Team Robo, and Team Love. These teams can only be used in Challenge Mode or Exhibition, as well as Tourney, but they cannot be used in Quest Mode and they do not have their own unlockable stadiums.

You must do anything it takes to get the ball and win.
You must do anything it takes to get the ball and win.

Tourney Mode is your standard Tournment mode. Here, you'll pick a team and play games over the course of five days. You'll get points for how well you perform in each game, much like real soccer tournaments. If you score a lot of goals in each match, have a good record, and do well in other things, you'll earn a lot of points. At the end of five days, the game will add up all of the points and the player with the most points wins the Tourney. Tourney Mode can be played alone, like all the modes, but is more fun with more people. You can play with up to three other people.


The 6 standard teams are:

El Fuego

El Fuego emerges from a raging inferno. A pyramid of power, aggressive and well balanced, this team combines the extraordinary skill of an Argentinean soccer legend with the feisty strength of a Brazilian Martial Arts Specialist and the frightening wrath of a ruthless, masked Mexican Wrestler. Madeira andRico were watching one of El Diablo's wrestling matches at Carnaval in Rio when a surprise fireworks display caught the crowd off guard. Rico, Madeira, and El Diablo all took cover inside the same jalepeno-shaped parade float. When the smoke cleared, the trio realized that fate brought them together. If they joined forces, then they would be the most well-balanced team in the league. El Fuego will set the pitch on fire and they will leave the match triumphant!


El Diablo -

Meaner than a bull, El Diablo is a Mexican wrestler who strikes fear in the hearts of those who dare t cross his path. El Diablo was born on a chicken farm outside of Colima, Mexico. He became a wrestler after an incident with an angry hen left him permanently scarred. He has worn a mask ever since.

Rico -

The son of an Argentinean soccer legend, Rico's goal is to devote his life to soccer, the sport he believes isat the center of the universe. Rico was born during a major soccer chamionship and his father taught him to kick a soccer ball before he could walk. The entire population o La Plata relies on Rico's soccer career to bring fame to their town.

Madeira -

A feisty Brazilian Martial Arts specialist whose hidden strength and agility often surprise her opponents. Despite her natural talent for dancing, she left her shoes at an early age to dedicate her life to Martial rts. This was a rebellion against her mother who was determined for Madeir to fulfill her dreams of appearing on Samba Calor Televison.


An elusive team materializes on the pitch, a union of players from distant corners of the African continent. It is Spirit, a team renowned for its "paranormal" high shot combos. Team Spirit combines the dark forces of a Kenyan shaman, the uncanny foresight of a mellow South African surfer, and the soccer prowess of an experienced Nigerian Super-Athlete. It is a formulat that is destined for success.

Team Spirit was formed whn Djimon decided tha he could boost his finances by winning the Sega Soccer Slam League. After a brief consultation with his spirit guides, Dimon decided to seek out Zari and Kaimani to create the ultimate team of champions. After a special ceremony of rituals, Djimon succeeded in giving his "spirited" team a unique specialty in high shot combos. A trick certain to dazzle the opposition and leave them cowering in defeat.


Zari -

Voted femal athlete of the year for seven years in a row, Zari is an undefeated Nigerian sports star. She tarted Africa's first all-female, high-altitude, multi-sport training complex. Despite her busy schedule, Zari often returns to her hometown of Gome, Nigeria to coach local sports teams.

Kaimani -

A laid back South African surfer who has the uncanny ability to predict future events, both at the beach and on the pitch. Originally rom the city of Durban, Kaimani has been barefoot, smiling, and searching for the perfect wave ever since the day he was born. In between surf sessions, Kaimani is content driving up and down the African Coast, living in his van, sleeping in the sand, and feasting on sweet potato pancakes.

Djimon -

Dark and mysterious, Djimon is a Kenyan shaman with questionable methods. Black Magic or White Magic? Nobody knows...and there isn't a soul in his village of Nyerr, Kenya who is brave enough to find out. The villagers claim that Djimon appeared one day from out of the desert. Rumors suggest that his powers are dangerous because his shaman training has never be fully completed.


The temperature on the pitch drops as Subzero takes centerfield -- a speedy and playful German Party-girl; a steadfast Russian cannon; and a chaos-loving stubborn, British Punk. A close encounter with a bg chill left these three frigid individuals cold-blooded enough to deliver the toughest hits in the Soccer Slam League. Kiril had an accident during an avalanche survival course, while Lola an Halfi-Pint were accidentally locked inside the walk-in icebox at a pub in London. As unstoppable as the mightiest glacier, team Subzero hits with the force of an avalanche...and destruction thunders across the pitch.


Half-Pint -

The king of chaos -- a crass, outspoken, British punk who'll do anything as long as it involves breaking things. Half-Pint had an angst-ridden adolescence spent in and out of detention homes and he was permanently expelled rom school at the age of fourteen. Half-Pint lives at his mother's home in Liverpool where he surrounds himself with troublemakers -- all of them devoted to anarchy.


Team Toxic. Left to Right: Raine, Duke, and Nova.
Team Toxic. Left to Right: Raine, Duke, and Nova.

Day-glo reigns over the pitch -- Nuclear power has arrived! Team Toxic is a trio destined to triumph: the flashy, athletic prowess of an All-American super-athlete combined with the frightening intelligence of a cocky First Nations whiz kid and led by an extreme Canadian eco-warrior determined to take down the system from the inside.

Team Toxic found itself accidetally locked inside the storage locker in nuclear medicine wing at a hospital in Virginia. They were trapped for so long that Duke eventually convinced Nova and Raine to photograph him with the gamma camera. This little nuclear mishap transformed team Toxic into a radioactive union. With their newly enhanced lethally tight passes, Toxic is certain to shorten the half-life of any opponent brace enough to stand in its way.

PlayersRaine - A rebel with a thousand causes, Raine has been criticized for the extreme methods she uses to fulfill her environmental goals. Raine was born in a rainforest during a logging protest in Clayoquot Sound. Her parents were artists who supplemented their income by slling organic smoked tofu. Despite her good intentions, Raine was always a trouble maker. She attended one-too-many protests and was epelled for missing too much school.

Duke -

An All-American sports star college boy whose natural, versatile athletic ability makes his dad gosh darn proud. Duke always dates cheerleaders, loves his mom's apple pie, and holds a record for belonging to the most fraternities. Duke is a legend in his hometown of Long Beach, California.

Nova -

A young First Nations genius, eager to use his massive brainpower to get he best of anyone no matter what their size or ability. Nova belongs to the Ngisa'a tribe and he saved his entire community from Beaver Fever by inventing a radiation water filtration system when he was just eight years old.


Team Tsunami is a sharp-shooting tidal wave of destruction, an unpredictable Hawaiian daredevil and a burly Australian -- Outback Kangaroo cowboy, intimidating players united by a crafty Japanese engineer who is determined to test her techno-genetic experiments. These three were the sole survivors when their cruise ship ran aground off the coast of Bora Bora. Stranded on a tiny coral island, Tsunami learned how to channel ocean power. Now they display the most accurate shooting skills in the league. With shots as deadly as a rip tide, team Tsunami will barrel forwrd, wipe out the unsuspecting opposition, and gain themselves a mighty victory.


Kahuna -

A loco Hawaiian daredevil who lives for risky business, Kahuna will try any whacked out many times as possible. Kahuna lives on Molokai with his grandparents, and in the evenings, he runs a casino out of their garage. Kahuna has two pitbulls named Poi and Ehu. He drives a monster truck, he's tight ith hs family, and he likes to barbeque with the boyz on Sunday afternoons.

Rumiko -

Rumiko is a Japanese genticist who believes that technology will eventualy obliterate all human error. Rumiko was raised by en Buddhist Monks in a monastery outside of Kyoto. None of the monks shared her interest in combining gentics with technology, so she left to pursue her dreams at an early age.

Boomer -

Born in the outback settlement just outside of Deep Well, Boomer was an orphan who grew up surrounded by Kangaroos. Years ago, a slick business man met Boomer and wanted to sponsor him in a crocodile wrestling league. Boomer said no, preferring to stay with the kangaroos. He is a regular at the Dust Trap and he enjoys a good meat pie with mushy peas.


Team Volta. From Left to Right: Arsenault, Dante, and Angus.
Team Volta. From Left to Right: Arsenault, Dante, and Angus.

Another European team, this one wearing Yellow. They are the flair-based alternative to Sub-Zero's bruisers. Team members are Angus, a red-bearded Scotsman; Arsenault, a surly Frenchman, and Dante, their Italian star.

Also included are 3 unlockable teams, also with their own characters and themes:


Uniforms are Pink. Team members are Marla, Nadia, Petra.


Characters are Dakai, Damo, Jishen.


Characters are Diode, Mecha, Pi.

Xbox Originals

On December 15, 2008, Sega Soccer Slam became available on the Xbox 360's Xbox Originals service for 1200 Microsoft Points.


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