Sega Swirl

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1999

    Attempt to clear the board in this tile-matching game.

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    Originally created for the PC by Scott Hawkins, Sega Swirl is a tile matching game in which the player attempts to clear adjacent matching colored swirls to clear the board and earn points. When removed, swirls above fall down toward the bottom of the screen and when columns clear all the way to the bottom columns shift to be flush left. Sega Swirl is reminiscent of later games like Collapse!

    In the Dreamcast release that was published by Tremor Entertainment, players could compete split-screen locally with up to four players or play a turn based version via e-mail thanks to the console's modem. High Scores could be saved to the VMU. It appeared on the December 2000 demo disc (timestamp 36:22) of Official Sega Dreamcast Magazine.

    The game also found its way to the Palm OS and could be played competitively using the Palm's infrared port.


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