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    Segata Sanshirou Shinken Yuugi

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Oct 29, 1998

    A Japan-only mini-game collection for the Sega Staurn starring the system's advertising mascot: the over-the-top judoka Segata Sanshirō.

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    Segata Sanshirō: Shinken Yuugi is a comedic mini-game collection and advergame developed by Sega Digital Studio (along with an uncredited Ecole) and published by Sega for the Sega Saturn exclusively in Japan on October 29, 1998.

    Based on the Sega advertising mascot Segata Sanshirō (a judoka, portrayed by Kamen Rider actor Hiroshi Fujioka, who promotes the Sega Saturn in an over-the-top way and is a parody of the film protagonist Sanshirō Sugata), Shinken Yuugi is a collection of mini-games based on the mascot's 1997-1998 TV ads. Each of the TV ads are unlockable by clearing the mini-game, which can be difficult, although players can also listen to the radio ads from the start.


    • Odori no Honshitsu o Miseta Yaru!! ("I'll Show You the True Essence of Dance!!") - A memory skill mini-game where you are given a sequence of buttons and d-pad directions and must remember them, causing Sanshirō to strike dance poses. Its corresponding TV ad is the Shining Force III ad.
    • Kinkyuu Bakuretsu! Kakkate Koi!! ("Emergency Explosion! Bring it On!!") - The cartoon Sanshirō must perform a series of Judo grapples with a robot in order to lead it to land mines scattered throughout. Its corresponding TV ad is the Saturn Bomberman Fight!! ad.
    • Uketore! Kore ga Ore no Present!! ("Take It! This is My Present!!") - A Christmas-themed auto-scrolling game where the cartoon Sanshirō rides a reindeer-driven sleigh similar to Santa Claus, dropping presents in chimneys while avoiding various obstacles. Its corresponding TV ad is the Christmas ad.
    • Komatta Toki wa Atama o Tsukae!! ("When in Doubt, Use Your Head!!") - Using a two-step power meter, Sanshirō must build enough energy to headbutt a stack of roofing tiles. Its corresponding TV ad is the Solo Crisis ad.
    • Higi! Kore ga Ryuujin-ryokuda!! ("Secret Technique! This is the Power of the Dragon God!!") - Various cartoon dragons fly across the screen from both sides, some of which are ridden by cartoon clones of Sanshirō, and Sanshirō must count how many of them are being ridden. Its corresponding TV ad is the Azer: Panzer Dragoon RPG ad.
    • Mattero! Ore ga Kanarazu Sukuu!! ("Just Wait! I'll Definitely Save You!!") - A cartoon Sanshirō automatically runs through a burning building, dodging fire and other obstacles while jumping over other obstacles. Its corresponding TV ad is the Burning Rangers ad.
    • Ore wa Ittai Darenanda!? ("Who the Hell am I!?") - Sanshirō is shown in a disguise, and players have a limited amount of time to select all panels of the same disguise from a large group. Its corresponding TV ad is the Dragon Force II ad.
    • Hashiru Zo! Ore no Atsuki Tamashii!! ("Let's Run! My Passionate Soul!!") - Sanshirō must shuffle his feet to skate barefoot in ice at incredible speeds. Its corresponding TV ad is the Winter Heat ad.
    • Shugyou no Jama wa Sasen ("I Won't Let You Get in the Way of My Training!!") - A cartoon Sanshirō must maneuver himself to punch and kick various falling trash into a large container. Its corresponding TV ad is the Pro Yakyuu Greatest Nine 98 ad.
    • Tokkun! Umi mo Ore no Senjouda!! ("Special Training! The Sea Is Also My Battlefield!!") - Based on Sega's Columns series, players must form matches of different-colored sea creatures as Sanshirō is submerged in water. Its corresponding TV ad is the Deep Fear ad.

    Once all mini-games are cleared, players are given an ending cutscene followed by the official music video for the full "SEGASATURN SHIRO!" track. Additional TV ads can be viewed when playing the game on New Year's Day.


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