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Seiken Psycho Calibur (lit: "Holy Sword Psycho Calibur", possibly referring to Excalibur) is a game developed by Imagineer clearly intended to siphon some of the success of the Legend of Zelda format of top-down adventure RPGs. Like its famous inspiration, Seiken Psycho Calibur has the player traverse a world full of monsters and treasure to rescue a fairy princess.

There are a few differences from Zelda, specifically the old-fashioned RPG trope of requiring a constant source of food to eat - the red-colored gems will continue to count down as the game progresses, so the player will need to ensure it stays stocked. The blue-colored gems are used as currency in various shops that can be found, much like rupees.

Seiken Psycho Calibur was part of Imagineer's "Wave Jack" series of games which, along with Kieta Princess and Ginga Denshou: Galaxy Odyssey, attempted to draw players deeper into those worlds by way of additional materials included inside the game's box: In S.P.C's case this included an audio cassette, maps and a notebook.

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